1988 323 Station Wagon, KLG4 swap build

Winter sucks

I'm finally back into this project and I've decided that the body on my 323 GT is no longer roadworthy so I decided to upgrade the wagon more by switching the GT interior and the power windows into the wagon

As you can see there's parts everywhere

Nothing left of the doors/interior

But the windows are working in the wagon!!


Next up is the passenger doors and to get the rest of the interior back in
The complete GT interior is now in the wagon which includes all the grey pieces to get rid of any signs of the old blue interior

Time delayed interior lights
Tilt steering
Power mirrors
And my favourite, power windows!!!

Once I'm done parting out the red car, I'll finally be able to get the wagon back into the garage to get it finished and roadworthy

Then the racing videos will soon follow lol
So I finished stripping the GT down and ready for the scrapyard, it's a very sad sight but here's the final pictures of my GT

Since the wagon needs a windshield, I kept the one from the GT, we just cut the roof and under the cowl


But now the wagon is back inside the garage, first time in months

First order of business is the much needed brake job, 3 out 4 calipers were sticking, wheels bearing were making a hell of a lot of noise so it was easier to just change the entire front knuckles since the GT got a complete front brake job only a few months before I stopped driving it

And the also good rear calipers and brand new ebrake cables

When installing the rear calipers I inspected the rear wheel bearings and found metal shavings throughout the grease, so next up is to install new bearings

In the meantime I've also installed the OBD2 port

I got the new wheel bearings installed and the next step is to fix an oil leak on the engine

Turned out to be a cam seal and once I pulled the valve cover, I wasn't happy with what I found.... milky oil....

So instead of replacing head gaskets, it'll be less work to replace the engine which I'm picking up another engine later today

But I did get the battery fitted into the rear panel, just needs a tray to fasten it into place now

To hell with photobucket!!

I got the new engine installed, tweaked a few of the small things to do on the car, got the ECU mounted

Only thing left is a battery tray and windshield and this car is ready for the road

Here's a YouTube video of the car now

So I recently got a GoPro so I wanted to make a short video with it, it'll be awesome for when I take the wagon to the track


And testing out imgur for hosting pics

One more step finished, custom battery tray

The last mock up before paint

This is just to show the pieces I welded to the car that the tray bolts to

The tray itself

Bolted in place

Once the battery is in, I made this plate to slide into a slot in the front of the tray to lock down the battery

And the finished product, i plan on cleaning up the battery still since it's out in the open like that