18x8 ET42, which tire size should I use? 215/45/18 or 225/40 or 225/45?

Mazda 5
I just bought a fender roller just in case nasty rubbing, but what will be the best setup? The car is lowered with TEIN Street Advance coilover

Currently it is running stock rim + 225 / 45 / 17, no rubbing issue.

I heard 215/45/18 should be the best fitting with ET40/42, any experience?


2012 CR Mazda5 Touring
2012 Mazda5 Touring
I used 225/45/18 for 3 years. Only rubbing with 6 people and roof box

This time when I needed new tires I went with 215/45/18. No rubbing, but I miss the width ..


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I ran 225/50-17, but that was at +52 offset, not +40 to +42. You're 10mm to 12mm closer to the fender. Based on my measurements though, you shouldn't have any problems fitting the 225/45-18. 215/45-18 will be a safer fit, but I'd go ahead and run big. :)