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18' and 20' what should I do ?

Mazda CX 9
Hey folks, looking for some opinions and advice.

I currently have both sets of the OEM 18s and 20s, set of 18s sitting in the garage with tires and on the car are OEM 20s.

Is it okay to let the 18s sit for a period of time until 20s wear out (maybe 3-5 years) ? Or is it best to swap them everytime I do oil change and tire rotation ?

Thanks in advance !


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Pick the set you like the most and stick with them. Sell the other set, and set the money aside for a new set of tires when the time comes. If you keep the other set, you might be able to use them in 3-5 year's time, but it's highly dependent on how old the tires already are, your climate, and how they're stored. The brand could also make a difference as well (not sure).

We have a set of winter tires on steel wheels stored at my in-laws' house for a good 4-5 years (we moved away and couldn't take them with us). I brought them to a tire shop to see if they were still safe to use, and they gave me the go ahead, so I put them back on the Civic this winter. They performed just like they used to. That said, the tires were stored in a locked garage in plastic bag covers, and the climate is usually pretty humid.
Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring 2016
The rule of thumb for tire life is ten years (on the car) in northern latitudes and six years in the south due to the additional sun exposure. Your tires sitting out of the sun will be good for many years. I keep my snows outside on the shady side of the house, and ten years is no problem.
Mazda CX 9
My 18s are wrapped up in big trash bags stored in an insulated garage. I love the ride quality with the 18s and the looks with the 20s.

So it's decided I'm keeping them all.

Thanks all for the input.
mazda cx5 GT
Hi there
I picked up a 2015 GT a week ago, and thinking abt swapping my 20 for an 18 one, as the road condition here in Asia is bad, full of pot holes.

Is the ride quality really that much improve on 18 245/60?
Thank you!

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