120,000 mile service

2012 Mazda 5 Touring
I plan on keeping the M5 for a while, my wife loves it so time for so maintenance. I was planning on:
spark plugs
transmission fluid flush
brake fluid flush/bleed
power steering flush
coolant flush
change the shocks & struts
time for brakes as well

I changed the shocks and struts at 60,000 - definitely felt an improvement then, went KYB all around any thoughts on the B4's? Also is there any need to change the springs?

and yes I am a longtime lurker around the board.
Epping, NH
2012 Mazda 5
Have you done the serpentine belt yet?

I was planning on doing mine at 100k but forgot. It had a lot of cracks by the time I did it at 125k.
2012 Mazda 5 Touring
Added to the list, cheap insurance.
Any recommendations on a brand of belt?
Based on some other posts it looks like the KYB Shocks are a safer bet for the rears.


2012 Mazda 5
I’ve always had good expereinces with KYB shocks and struts. Just put those front and rear. Kept the front springs on the new struts, but swapped in progressive lowering springs designed for the CX7 in the back to give better support for carrying stuff/people.

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