12 volt solutions remote start

Columbus, Ohio
2019 CX-9 GT

I ran across this while wasting time on YouTube. Does anyone have experience with this product? Looks very promising.
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It is no different than compustar or fortin evo one. None of these kits require cutting are splicing as they all have optional T-Harnesses that install under the steering column. All three kits still require “2 stage” activation, in that, you connect the controller box to the car and then connect it to your laptop to finish the programming.

At $349, that kit you linked to is pricey compared to $100 or so for either of the other ones (I got mine brand new on eBay for $65).
2019 CX-5 GTR
Interesting find. Of note since there are no external wires (completely plug & play they say) there will be no hood switch safety. What this means is it would be possible for someone to be working on the car with the hood up & doors closed and another person remote start the vehicle. You might understand why this would be a bad idea.

The kit & process seems very similar to Fortin & Compustar solutions widely discussed here (t-harness is the key to easy install). Though I do appreciate the reduced cost of the mobile phone subscription at $39 per year on this kit; though the add on is a bit more pricey upfront (can be added later). My guess is they are reselling https://mycarcontrols.com/ for the app feature.

Of note also for this kit is no option for any sort of alarm style features (vibration / glass break / tilt) so keep that in mind if important.

I personally wasn't familiar with the company ... so .. I dug a bit - at a quick 5 minute glance the company seems to have favorable install experiences across a wide range of vehicle products.