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02 Protege LX, 03 P5 (x2), 09 Miata, 07 Mazda3, 13 Fit, 09 Ody
1) Keep on top of your maintenance
Change the oil every 3500-4000 miles
Check the oil every time you fill up
for automatics - drain and fill the ATF every 15k miles and change the filter every 4th time

2) When the CEL comes on - diagnose and fix it ASAP

3) spray fluid film or corrosion X-HD in every nook and cranny, seem, and exposed metal underneath the car - every other oil change
My commute isn't very long and the wife says we aren't allowed to take it on any long trips due to how rough it rides, how its broken down in the past, it's mostly rust, etc. Women and their grudges, amirite?

Plus I just bought this for our roadtripping. 2003 jetta tdi, manual.
Hey we have the same color p5! Wooo!
3 months of ownership of my White, manual trans, no option, 303,000 miles on 2002 P5 acquired from original owner in North Carolina. New to Mazda & Love it! Analog ICE car in world about to go electric. Just did by myself & 19 yr old: timing belt, vbelts, tensioner/idler, H2O pump, valve cover gasket/PCV, exhaust gaskets, control arms sway bar links and tie rod ends, Brembo brake pads, StopTech vented rotors. Has KYB but clunking. Working w AWR on making Koni inserts to go with Racing Beat coil springs. Goal is streetcar for Autocross/ local milk run car. Any suggestions on straight-pipe options for the 2nd cat replacement? Or simple rear muffler options? Any suggestions for best summer tires for 195/60R16?


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