1.8 Ignition Coil Conversion

So I got the 1.8 engine ignition coils and I got the 626 Valve cover today. However I could not find the bracket for the ignition coil pack. Are there any alternatives? I know the 626 has a bracket as well but it's a little different. Am I screwed and can only get it from 00-01 Protege?
2001 Mazda SP20 323
626 bracket should fit, I think you have to move the big block of earth connectors from memory, but it should work

Junk yards might be your best bet for getting a bracket, should be fairly cheap too

Otherwise you can fab up a bracket that sits on top of the intake manifold (like mine lol)
You memory serves you correct. I gave up on trying to remove it cause there was a lot of stuff in the way at the time. Still, I need it, so I shall be making a trip back. Thanks the reply!