08 mazda 3 lcd screen

2011 mazda 3 hatchback GT
ok so i want to replace my factory head unit with an aftermarket one, i noticed there are ways to keep the lcd screen above the radio, however the clock will not be adjustable. i noticed in the manual some cars have a trip computer that can be displayed on that screen where that clock is (it said there will not be a :00 button, but an info button there) and mine does not have that info button. has anyone figured out if there is a way to get it to display the info without that option? if not ill just not keep the screen as i do not want an nonadjustable clock staring back at me.
Raise from the dead.

Did the harness work ??

I’m using a eonon ga8151 - it has a harness adapter similar to the picture on this thread but i dont have clock/gas info

Dead stuck clock only

I tried holding the up-down button on steering wheel but no luck :-(