07 - 09 CX-9 wheels on 2019

I just got my 2019 CX-9 and am thinking about getting a set of wheels and snow tires for the upcoming winter. I have 20" but this model uses 18" as well. The 18" specs for my vehicle seem to match those of the 07 to 09 CX-9, except the 07-09 wheels are 0.5" narrower, which is ok for the 255/60R18 tires. Same bolt pattern, offset, and center bore diameter.
Has anyone used the older wheels on the newer generation? Anyone see an issue?
Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring 2016
As you note, the only difference is the half-inch of rim width. Use any tires that fits that rim and is within 2% of the original outside diameter. We'll assume the wheels have about the same weight carrying capacity. It'll be fine.

The offset--45 mm
The bolt pattern--5@114.3mm
The bolt thread--M12x1.5
The centerbore--67.1mm......all the same.