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'06 Mazda5 Touring - 5sp Manual, 1-owner, 95k

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2006 Mazda5 Touring
RARE 1st year combination of the 5-speed manual transmission with the Touring package - including sunroof, navigation, climate control, 17" alloys, fog lights, body kit with sill extensions/hatch spoiler, 6-disc CD changer with upgraded speakers, aftermarket Thule/Inno roof rack system and snow tires on 16" Sport Edition wheels.

Sharp dark-blue/indigo & black cloth color combo marred only by minor scrapes and rust spots of a 10yr old vehicle and a deer dent on the hood - otherwise mechanically perfect with upgraded shocks and brakes. A joy to drive with 25+ mpg returned from the solid 4 cylinder engine under most conditions.

94,000 miles has taken us from a young urban couple to a 3-child family in the burbs - this unique 6-passenger vehicle excels from commuting to road-tripping but is particular excellent with infants and young children - you can't beat these light sliding doors!

Alas the time has come to move to a carpool capable vehicle - the 5 will be missed, so please only serious inquiries. The pricing is firm as the mini-minivan will otherwise be gifted with the family.


Not open for further replies.

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