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  1. sm1ke

    The DD MS3

    Great pics!
  2. sm1ke

    Front Passenger turn Signal died at 3,500km

    That seems really, really early. I'd definitely keep an eye on it. Dealer should replace the bulb under warranty.
  3. sm1ke

    2017~2021 Additional Cup Holders?

    What about something like this? It's designed for strollers, but I'm sure you could clip it onto the door pocket and still have room for maps. The only problem might be the whether it interferes with the driver's left foot (or the passenger's right, if installed on the passenger's front door)...
  4. sm1ke

    Park CX-9 in garage?

    I've got a few extra mats from my home gym flooring stacked up in my garage that act as a parking curb. It works the same way as the parking mat that @CX-5um linked.
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    2016~2021 2021 CX-9 Changes

    Interesting to see how much the PG can change depending on the lighting conditions.
  6. sm1ke

    Next-gen CX-5: Rumors from Japan

    Hyundai wasn't even in the conversation if you were cross-shopping with a CX-5 GT Reserve. They were ahead of the competition when they slapped the 2.5T into the CX-5.
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    Sorry you're right, "structural" was the wrong term. Perforation warranty covers sheet metal that has rusted through, but doesn't cover surface rust that might develop from rock chips in the paint. That's basically what I said in the other thread. A can of Fluid Film costs maybe $10 and is...
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    Mazda Vehicle Service Agreements - What did you pay?

    I think OP was pretty clear. A third-party "warranty" like the one you're describing is not the same as what is offered by Mazda. I believe you can only get this product plan on new vehicles, so no reason to specify between new or used vehicle purchase.
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    Upgraded turbo?

    I see, I'll move the thread to the correct forum.
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    Parchment vs Black leather

    No difference in quality as far as I'm aware. Maintenance is a different story, but the difference really isn't that big. Dye transfer can be a problem on lighter coloured seats, but if you clean your seats on a regular-ish basis using a mild detergent, you shouldn't have any issues. Black...
  11. sm1ke

    What did you pay for your CX-5?

    You are, of course, entitled to your own opinion. I'd continue the conversation but we'd be getting too far offtopic. @Newbie_Liz, here's a link to a Car Care Thread that goes into a little more detail about maintaining the interior and exterior.
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    You're in Canada right? All new Mazdas have a 7-year perforation warranty. Some salespeople mistakenly say that it covers rust, but it really just covers structural rust damage, not surface rust. That said, since the dealer hasn't been helpful, I would contact Mazda Corporate directly. Make...
  13. sm1ke

    Very disappointed with Mazda CPO warranty

    Happy to hear you got a resolution!
  14. sm1ke

    Anyone with a CX-5 have any significant time in a CX-30 for comparo?

    I would like to understand the reasons for your opinion regarding the "moose test". What makes it a useless test? It seems to simulate a plausible real world scenario.
  15. sm1ke

    What did you pay for your CX-5?

    Agreed. Skip it all. If you want the protection without the pricetag, these are my suggestions. Get an independent shop to apply Fluid Film to the metal parts of the undercarriage (really only necessary if you drive on roads that are heavily salted in the winter), or DIY. It'll be a lot more...
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    Anyone with a CX-5 have any significant time in a CX-30 for comparo?

    I agree. In this TheStraightPipes review of the 2019 Mazda3 AWD (with the torsion beam suspension), at the 1:20 and 2:30 marks, they talk about the torsion beam suspension a bit. One thing I noticed too was at the 2:50 mark. From watching the passenger's body shift slightly and the...
  17. sm1ke

    Steering issue

    The grade of the road may have something to do with it as well. Find an empty road and see if it pulls to the left, then drive it in the opposite direction. If it now pulls to the right, it could just be the grade of the road, but if it still pulls to the left, it's definitely something else...
  18. sm1ke

    2016~2021 2021 CX-9 Changes

    Sounds like a question for Mazda Corporate. It doesn't really make sense to me either, unless the situation is as jal142 described.. but even then, Canadian buyers getting the short end of the stick does sting. Didn't Mazda do something similar with parking sensors on the US vs. Canadian CX-5...
  19. sm1ke

    Steering issue

    Are your brake pads wearing evenly? Maybe a brake dragging issue or some sort?
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    CX-9 review

    Impressive resume. I still don't like her as a reviewer. Scotty Kilmer's been an auto mechanic for 50+ years. Despite his resume, he's been proven wrong a few times and I also don't like him as a reviewer. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure she provides some decent info and a few laughs. Her review...