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    CX-3 owners, what do you love and hate about it?

    Had a ‘19 CX3 AWD for a yr but got rid of it...buzzy engine, noisy cabin, small tank, cargo and overall space (cramped rear legroom), harsh & jarring ride due to torsion rears. Yes fun to drive esp with the AWD and safety features but I ended up replacing it with a ‘19 6 GS/Sport trim which was...
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    2016~2021 Advice for servicing the CX-9 for the first time?

    I've started going away from my local dealer for servicing (after the warranty period) due to the "unnecessary" recommended services, trying to "upsell" every time & higher cost of "labour" and "shop mat'l charges" they tag on like rags etc. I've always bought synthetic oil jugs on sale for...
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    Rental companies that will rent a CX-9 for a day (extended test drive)?

    this is true...3-4yrs ago when I shopped the 2017 Signature I bought, I asked my local dealer if I can have a tester unit for extended test drive/overnight to also see if I can park it and fit in my garage...said that was totally fine. Returned the tester the next day and there was no pressure...
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    Totalled 2008 CX9 - Thoughts from folks who moved to Gen 2?

    I’ve had that global opening feature in a previous vehicle years ago and never really found the need to use it. While it was a useful feature for you, I think majority didn’t really care or found any need thus Mazda deleting said feature. That global opening was a Ford era feature...
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    2020 plastic smell in the cabin

    It's a protective wax coating applied to engines on brand new vehicles since they're shipped via boat on the sea for few months...The wax coating just burns off over time thus the smell dissipates.
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    Let's talk remote starters

    true it doesn’t have to be compustar as it can be any other was just the brand that my dealer had installed when they threw in the 2-way remote starter for free as part of the deal when I bought the vehicle. I don’t even think my dealer is familiar with Fortin brand...
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    What did you pay for your CX-9?

    That is why it’s always advisable to negotiate the price of the vehicle without telling them how you’re paying or even if you have a trade-in or not...they always ask in the beginning so they know which tactics to employ in order to make as much margin and incentive (from manufacturer or bank)...
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    Let's talk remote starters

    I figured...I like to be able to remote start from 3000-5000ft that’s why the 2-way compustar is the way to go that also gives confirmation if vehicle was locked/unlocked or started/turned off. Only annoyance is the extra tiny fob but I think the benefits outweighs the inconvenience...
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    Let's talk remote starters

    with the Fortin module, what would be the distance when remote starting? Is this limited to the keyfob’s range? Say like 100ft?
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    What did you pay for your CX-9?

    That’s actually a good deal! However, you may have more leverage in the fall when the 2021s come out as they want to clear the 2020s and you never know with 2nd wave of C-19 likely more deals out there
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    What did you pay for your CX-9?

    From what I’ve heard according to a credible auto journalist who’s been in the industry for over 20+yrs and is an advocate for CCC, the Ave acceptable margin dealers make is anywhere between 3-5% and that is using CCC/Unhaggle for shopping around. Of course, dealers will treat you differently...
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    What did you pay for your CX-9?

    Early this year bought a new 2019 6 on clearance - paid cash as $7K below MSRP using Carcost Cda - dealer still made $200 above invoice, while below 1% it wasn’t zero...I could have pushed for 0% above invoice or below but thought it was already an amazing deal, hard to pass up and exceeded my...
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    What did you pay for your CX-9?

    2.5% above invoice is already good...though given the C-19-19 where it affected car sales in general by 70-80% just in the month of April and likely 50% down last month you would think that dealers/manufacturers would be handing out more incentives or discounts. Of course you don’t want to...
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    What did you pay for your CX-9?

    If it’s a CX5 then not a bad deal though might still be able to squeeze more from the dealer....I usually shop using Carcost Cda which I’ve done in my last 2 Mazdas and saved $2.5K below MSRP in a CX3 (lease) and $6.5K in a Mazda6 (cash deal)...when you shop using Carcost Cda then dealer already...
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    What did you pay for your CX-9?

    For a brand new vehicle and a GT trim that’s really a great price! (Below cost) MSRP for that is in the $50K CAD! Even if you paid cash that is still worth it...
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    Dangerous cylinder deactivation trouble on 2018 CX-5 and 6 models

    Reach out to Mazda directly by writing to them...not here on forums as they likely don’t read owner forums. You can relay your concerns through the dealer and that’ll ensure the message is passed on. If you go thru the proper channels you’re likely to get a better, more accurate and technical...
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    2016~2021 LED Headlight Vibrating/Shaking

    Hate to say it but this is typical of LED headlights vs. halogens and last vehicle had adaptive HIDs and never had an issue abt seeing the beams vibrate while on rougher roads. Noticed this with LEDs in both my CX9 and 6. It doesn't bother me anymore as I got used to it but I'd...
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    CX-30 NAV?

    Bought a NAV card for my 6 last month and cost me $89 via’t find anything cheaper here in Cda unfortunately. But hey, it still worked and better than paying $500+taxes!
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    Poll: Did you choose the CX-9 over a European SUV?

    true...just also that the Audi Q7 is more expensive to maintain (you did mention in your post that it was a rip off at some dealers)than the is simply relative. The higher the vehicle class, the more expensive it gets therefore also more expensive to maintain. The lower the class, the...
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    What did you pay for your CX-9?

    nice! Congrats on the new ride! Good to know you have both Mazda’s flagship sedan and SUV! I too drive both flagship models! Great vehicles...