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    Code U0155 on my 2006 Mazda3 S Grand Touring 2.3

    I've had this car for 14 years and it's been relatively trouble free. This isn't major, but annoying. In the past 2-3 weeks I've been getting a Check Engine light on startup, but not every time. It's usually after the car has either sat overnight or for several days. I have cleared the U0155...
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    CX-30 NAV?

    I've only sat in one CX-30, looked at a few on a couple lots and have read a lot. I'm assuming they ALL come standard with a NAV system built into the infotainment system? Nowhere in any of the Mazda online info can I find a reference to a NAV system or I'm completely overlooking it. It's a...
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    2006 Mazda3 HID Headlamp Replacement

    My '06 Mazda3 GTS sedan needs new headlamps - they work, they just look awful. I've polished them several times but it's getting to where they only stay looking good for a very short time. It has the factory HID headlamps. I can find all kinds of replacement halogen headlamp housings that are...
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    Swapped Stereo Head Unit- now no clock control or Info

    I have an '06 3 Grand Touring sedan with the Bose stereo and CD changer. About a year ago I put a CD in (I rarely played them) and that's when I discovered the changer was messing up. I think it had one or two disks in the changer. I added another and it would not play. I could go back to one...
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    Millenia Lower Dash Removal Help

    Can someone please point me in the right direction to remove the lower section of my Millenia's dash - below the steering column. The power tilt of the wheel has quit (I accidentally pulled down on the wheel as it was traveling up - I evidently broke a gear...) and I'm trying to do a repair. I...
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    Hunting for Mazda brand accessory wheels - stumped

    I'm wanting a new CX-5 Grand Touring but I don't care for the OEM wheels. I have an aftermarket wheel tentatively picked (TSW Nurburgring, Gunmetal w/Mirror Cut Face) but a few days ago I saw a Mazda accessory wheel on some dealer's own page that I thought looked pretty nice. Now I can't find...