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  1. sm1ke

    Issues with new site?

    Ah I see, so the intent is to have model-specific forums like, mazda3revolution, etc., but just under the same Mazdas247 umbrella? I have to say, I do like the idea of this. Acurazine and ClubLexus also have formats that we could consider. I do like the idea of our forum breaking...
  2. sm1ke

    Current selling price for CX-5?

    Great approach! I did the same thing when I bought my car - drafted an email requesting a quote, sent a copy to all nearby dealers, then whittled down the options until 2-3 dealers remained. The nice thing about doing it this way is that you end up with clear, itemized quotes, leading to less...
  3. sm1ke

    Miata is always the answer.. or is it?

    Looking forward to your thoughts! You list out some subjective criteria (i.e. HAS to be a convertible, HAS to be manual, etc.) that others may not be so particular about. This is the kind of thing I'm curious about, as every individual person has their own criteria when shopping for anything...
  4. sm1ke

    I've joined the family

    Welcome to the forum! Just curious, did you cross shop the CX-5 GT Reserve with anything else?
  5. sm1ke

    Comment by 'sm1ke' in media 'Odula CX-5 2nd Gen'

    I like it.. great for the "tuners" out there. If that were my car, I would change the wheels and lower it just a smidge, and then I'd have a fun, comfortable car to zip around in.
  6. sm1ke

    Comment by 'sm1ke' in media 'Odula CX-5 2nd Gen'

    Wow, this front end looks MEAN
  7. sm1ke

    2017~2020 How to replace license plate bulbs

    Oops, I must have forgotten to add the hyperlink. It's been added now, but I don't think you'll need it. I looked into it further, and while they look similar, this diagram shows that the license plate lamp is one unit, and that the cover doesn't come off. The part number is GSJ1-51-26YA, and...
  8. sm1ke

    2017~2020 How to replace license plate bulbs

    AD, any chance you can snap a photo of your LED bulb covers? Mine (on my CX-9) look just like the ones shown in the diagram. Here's a resource that describes the cover removal in detail. It also includes a video of someone removing the cover. There's also some info from an Australian owner...
  9. sm1ke

    2019 CX-5 signature first oil change - conventional or synthetic?

    The manual for my 2018 CX-9 doesn't specify synthetic, and I assume it is the same for the CX-5. Conventional can be used as long as it meets the specifications, but generally with a turbocharged car, synthetic provides better protection as it can handle heat better. I would push for them to...
  10. sm1ke

    New cx9 owner

    Here's a great thread on the Fortin remote start for the 2nd gen CX-9. It allows you to use the OEM keyfob and apparently the install procedure is straightforward and can be DIY'd. Sorry, I could not find anything on the CX-9 subforum for roof-mounted bike carriers, aside from this thread. The...
  11. sm1ke

    2nd Generation CX-9: Reverse light bulb replacement/upgrade

    No issues to report on mine.
  12. sm1ke

    Miata is always the answer.. or is it?

    That's the point of this thread. Why do you think that there is no competition for your Miata? What, in your opinion, sets it apart from any other 2-seater, or any other convertible? I found the comparisons described below a little odd at first, but it seems that people do cross-shop them with...
  13. sm1ke

    Sig nappa leather maintenance?

    Some interesting info regarding nappa leather: Apparently the term "nappa" can be misused. I'm not sure if this is the case with Mazda. I found this article that implies that Mazda is using real napa leather, and not imitation leather as...
  14. sm1ke

    Issues with new site?

    The issue with the way the General forum has been used in the past is that people do not always post CX-5 specific topics. Sometimes people post there just because there is more traffic. Combining all of the General forums into the Lounge provides more incentive to use the Lounge for discussion...
  15. sm1ke

    Miata is always the answer.. or is it?

    That's what I mean when I say that the topic is open-ended. The S2000 has been discontinued, but still sells for a lot of money on the used market. Thus you can compare it (at least based on price) to a late model ND or BRZ.
  16. sm1ke

    list of gripes about 2019 GT

    Well said!
  17. sm1ke

    Miata is always the answer.. or is it?

    I think the S2000 and the FR-S/BRZ are its main competitors, but others might include the BMW Z3/Z4, Toyota MR-2, Porsche Boxster.. keep in mind that the thread topic is quite open-ended as it includes all Miatas, not just the ND.
  18. sm1ke

    Issues with new site?

    I think I agree. If we got rid of subforum lounges/general areas, and added prefixes for all models in the Lounge (currently the only prefix is "Offtopic"), the Lounge might see a lot more use. It might also make it easier for mods to move threads from the Lounge to the correct subforum, if...
  19. sm1ke

    Poll: Who has a CX-5 and a Miata?

    This sounds like a good time to plug our Resources section. Maybe some of the regulars who are also regulars could cross post the useful, informative threads into the Miata Resources section. The resource would basically be the title, a one liner describing the resource...