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    2002 p5 aftermarket parts

    alright y'all, i got some parts that have been sit'n around for some time now. i need you to help me clean out my garage, so everything is price'd to sell...(does not include ship'n) 1. aac front bumper fastners - brand new still in the wrap'n they came in $30 SOLD!!! 2. arp manifold studs...
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    engine revving high

    recently i've noticed that on startup my engine rev's really high (+2000 rpms) and backs down to around 1000 rpms after a few seconds. so i've read that this is normal...ok, then while i'm drive'n and shift back to neutral the engine spikes again and gradually drops back down when i come to a...
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    where's mazdas247 garage section?

    am i miss'n something? is my computer on the fritz again? or is there a secret club membership on here that you need to be a member of in order to see the garage section? its just look'n at everyone cars, bring it back.
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    lose oil pressure...

    i have an oil pressure gauge installed and its been work'n fine till today... i was drive'n about 30mph and everything was cool, hit the clutch to downshift and i noticed my gauge went to 0. i thought that the bolt might have come loose on the pressure gauge itself, but when i check'd it, it was...
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    car won't start

    i'm new to this forum, been looking around for bout a week or so, but now i've got an issue. my protege5 just stopped on me, it was running fine, changed the oil, cranked it up and ran it for about 2-3 mins then cut it off. put it back on the ground, went upstairs came back tried to start it and...