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    Hub Centric Wheel Spacers

    one pair my friend...i'll send you a pm with my address and send u the money...
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    Hub Centric Wheel Spacers

    hey i need 8mm spacers, do you have any and how much shipped to 20176? let me know...
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    2002 p5 aftermarket parts

    cool, only 2 things left, the rear sway bar and the stainless clutch line. thank-you, my garage is looking cleaner already...
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    2002 p5 aftermarket parts's responded to and if he does grab the srp studs, i got you jaleik. received payment for megan racing and bumper brackets, thank-you. looking for a box to put both in for you.
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    Burned out LEDs in the third (spoiler) brake light.

    i have a stock one if you want it, name a price, it's just lay'n around my garage, so do me the favor. pm me if interested...
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    2002 p5 aftermarket parts

    received payment for headlights, thank-you kind sir...
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    2002 p5 aftermarket parts

    ok, the megan racing trailing arms and aac front bumper brackets are sold pend'n payment and so are the headlights...only a few things left, help me find good homes for these items
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    2002 p5 aftermarket parts

    respond'd to all pm's...
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    2002 p5 aftermarket parts

    and one more pic...
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    2002 p5 aftermarket parts

    some more pics...
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    2002 p5 aftermarket parts

    alright y'all, i got some parts that have been sit'n around for some time now. i need you to help me clean out my garage, so everything is price'd to sell...(does not include ship'n) 1. aac front bumper fastners - brand new still in the wrap'n they came in $30 SOLD!!! 2. arp manifold studs...
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    need to sell my ms3 for college.

    clean it up to...if its nice and clean it'll go quicker than if its got mud in the wheel wells.
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    Poll: Would you buy another Mazda product?

    yes sir...have had mazda vehicles since '94 and none of them had let me down. my p5 had over 200,000 miles on it before i swap'd it for a mazda 3 and i still could have kept it going. good cars.
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    How *I* jack up my Mazda3 to get all 4 wheels in the air

    yo i kinda like that little tool...
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    How *I* jack up my Mazda3 to get all 4 wheels in the air

    and i just jacked up my car today and left to impressions from the jack in the front. the back was cool because the weight is not as heavy as the front, so i left nothing. but i'm definitely gonna start using a 2x4...
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    HUGE PROTEGE PARTS SALE. Everything I have all in 1 thread (finally)

    thanks for the link info...when you find the hangers, let me know and i'll grab'em.
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    GI: 2003 Protege5 partout - Classic Red, 110k, near Wilmington, NC :(

    do you still have rear crossmember with the sway bar (4 in total - 2-screws/2-bolts) mounting screws?
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    Hub Centric Wheel Spacers

    looking for 3mm, you have??
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    FS... Silver 2002 Protege5 Parting Out!!!

    do you have the sun visors (both)? how much ship'd to 20176?
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    sick video on my speed 3

    not bad...kinda liked it