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    how easy is it to install a new O2 sensor?

    The mechanic I know will do it for $100. I already have the parts. I really hate having to go under my car without a car lift that's why I probably don't even want to try installing it myself.
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    Can I wash what's under the hood?

    I was told yes. It's very dusty. So should I spray an all purpose cleaner (I found one on the automotive isle at Walmart)? Can I then spray water all over what's under the hood? I was told yes since my car is Japanese and its computers are internal. I just worry about the wires and connectors. I...
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    Best and cheapest obd 2 scanner on Amazon?

    I've seen on amazon various prices from under $20 to over $20. Any suggestions? Is the #1 best seller a good indicator (Ancel AD310)?
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    Codes PO140 and PO171, what are these telling me?

    Each time I'm at a stop, the car sounds and feels like accelerating. A week after, the check engine light came on with those 2 codes. Also, the car would not start at one time but I kept trying to turn it on, and it started finally.
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    Are trade-ins ever worth it?

    My car is a 2015 Mazda 3, over 100,000 miles (do Lyft and Uber). Still owes about $7K. To trade in or not, for a 2018 Mazda3.
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    where can I buy the repair manual book for my car?

    Is it dealership only?
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    how to install a fog light kit?

    I have a 2015 Mazda 3. I see that when I removed the fog light "panel" it looked like it's easy to install/plug and play, but when I called the dealership they said I need the fog light switch as well. How and where does that go? I see cheaper fog light kits for my car for less at
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    is it possible for me to slightly dim the dashboard lights?

    I read an article that those lights can be distracting during night time driving, so I was just curious if I can dim these dashboard lights by 50%?
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    Tinting front windshield?

    I've thought of having my windshield tinted up very light only for the UV protection purpose. Could this also lessen the heat going into my car during hot summer days? I ask this because my dash cam is not meant to be left in extreme weather so I'm assuming lessening the effect of direct heat...
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    does your tire pressure sensor go off when hitting a bump?

    This happened to me a few times already, I found no nail. It's when I hit a speed bump or anything that may trigger the tire pressure sensor. I always check for nails either way but I think my tire pressure sensor is sensitive.
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    can a product made to be used out of the box be hard wired into the car or not?

    Must a product be specifically made to be hard wired, to be hard wired or can anything be hardwired? My dash cam is ready to use out of the box but I want it hard wired, is this possible? I'd assume the cable is the determining factor? The dash cam uses a cig lighter cable so if hard wiring into...
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    why does my cigarette lighter input does not power off when the car is turned off?

    My old car would turn off the cigarette lighter input when the car is off. I found out my 2015 Mazda 3 doesn't because the radar detector that's plugged in continues to work. I know this eats battery overnight so I'm trying to figure out if there is a way for me or the dealership to stop the...
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    is there more to the 2015 Mazda 3's upgraded software?

    I do not have any GPS installed in my 2015 Mazda 3's radio receiver. I think I was given a quote of $599. Is it worth it? Is it just GPS? My XM radio is externally attached. Could I have everything if I have the software installed in my car? "Everything" meaning GPS, XM (without all that wire...
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    is it possible to change my seats to a bench seat so I can tolerate longer drives?

    I've driven far before like 12 hour drives in smaller cars. I'm not sure how I did it but the recent 3 hour vacation drive somewhere seem to just made my driving not so comfy. I asked around and wondered how those truck drivers can drive for long hours without sitting fatigue. I was told their...
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    adding a "spotlight" on, how much would it cost?

    I just think my mazda3 would look nice with a "spotlight" on by the side mirrors. Police cars and taxi cabs have them. Any idea how I can have these installed? Can a dealership do this for me? I know dealerships will be expensive as I have inquired about adding foglights to my car as well and...
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    how much does a front bumper cost?

    I hit a high enough sidewalk that my right front bumper is scratched up now. It seems as if that whole bumper is just under the headlights so I'd think that whole plastic part is easily attachable/detachable. It's a 2015 Mazda 3. Warranty doesn't cover this. Do I make claims with the insurance...
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    where's the antenna located on the 2015 Mazda 3?

    I had my car tinted with a 3M tint film. I was told it's non metallic or something so it shouldn't interfere with radio signals but my FM radio's signal would disappear or have static at times. This wasn't going on before I had my tint on. Is the antenna on the windows of the car? I'm not too...
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    is keyless better?

    Here's what I noticed; when the key is not with me while in the car, the car won't start, but when the car is already started and I let my brother hold the key while he is not in the car, the car still drives but the warning sign on the dashboard has the "key" sign as if it's saying to me...
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    someone scratched my new car

    someone just had to scratch my new Mazda3 on the trunk area. It was obviously deliberate. I know there's products for sale to cover up the scratch. Do those work? The scratch was deep. I have a jet black mica colored car.