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  1. SonicBoy

    2017 Rear Wiper - Spray (odd behavior)

    I find it a bit strange that on the right hand stalk that controls the rear wiper, there are 2 positions that activates the spray. Both are at the top or bottom of the Off, Int, On controls. On mine, if I move it to the top position to spray, the wiper doesn't come on, just the spray. If I...
  2. SonicBoy

    Mazda CX-5 2019 TUNING Ducks Garden Body Kit ?

    What do you think of this kit? The wing on the back not too found of but everything else looks pretty good.
  3. SonicBoy

    2019 GTR vs Signtaure Wheels Pics/Specs?

    Does anyone have pics they can post of both the 2019 CX-5 GTR and the Signature wheels so I can see the difference in color? Also, what are the wheel specs? 19x7? offset 46? weight? Tire Toyo A36? I believe this is the signature
  4. SonicBoy

    2017+ TPMS learn new sensor procedure/Winter Tire change over

    This past weekend I changed over to my winter set which had additional OEM TPMS sensors. Have to say, I love the process Mazda has as it basically is painless: When changing tires yourself If you or someone else changes tires, you or someone else can also undertake the steps for the TPMS to...
  5. SonicBoy

    Words in my post automatically have links behind them

    I posted the following reply to help a user and noticed the word suspension had a link behind it after I submitted it. Why is that? I edited the post and the link appeared, submitted and it then disappeared shortly after when I check a minute or two later.
  6. SonicBoy

    TPMS Scan/Activiation Tool? If you have, what are you using?

    With the 2017 CX-5s now going back to traditional TPMS sensors mounted inside the wheels, I've been reading threads about the process to swap winter wheels on and off. Curious if members here that have a Scan/Activation tool can comment on what they are using? There was a post in this section...
  7. SonicBoy

    2017 CX-5 Hoist/Lift points

    Apologies if this has been posted before, but does anyone have the shop diagrams for the 2017 (2nd Generation) CX-5 Hoist or lift points other than the pitch seams?
  8. SonicBoy

    2017 CX-5 Grill Emblem - why 1D or 3D?

    While shopping for a 2017 CX-5, I've noticed different pictures of the front grill and the Mazda emblem. Why do I see some GT's with a 1 dimensional Mazda logo and others with a 3 dimensional one? I'm guessing the GT's with Tech Package have the 3D Logo? Does anyone know and can confirm? 3D 1D
  9. SonicBoy

    2017 CX-5 Cargo Cover - Instructions Wanted

    Anyone have the installations for the 2017 Mazda CX-5 Cargo Cover (Part # KB7W-V1-350)? Wanted to see what was involved with the installation. Also, does anyone have this accessory and know if part of the cover is see through mesh like material when it is connected to the door when opened...
  10. SonicBoy

    Mark Forum Read no longer working

    Under Forum Actions, Mark Forums Read no longer works. For the past few days I've been receiving this: Your submission could not be processed because a security token was invalid. If this occurred unexpectedly, please inform the administrator and describe the action you performed before you...
  11. SonicBoy

    Dealer Customization options? - AutoLock on 2nd Gen Mazda 5?

    Does the 2nd Gen Mazda 5 have Auto locks? (When car reaches certain speed, power locks engage and lock all doors) Like the 2nd Gen Mazda 3's does anyone know if there are dealer customized options than can be programmed? (ie smart turn signal, door chime audio, auto headlights duration)?
  12. SonicBoy

    Looking for MS6 Wheels on 2nd Gen Picture

    Anyone with a 2nd Generation Mazda 3 running Speed6Wheels? Could you please post a pic or link. Thanks
  13. SonicBoy

    Mazda5 VIN Decoder?

    Does anyone have the VIN Decoder for the 2006 model year+ for the Mazda5? I searched the site but could not find any topics. I'm currently in dispute with my Insurance company over the vehicle being listed as a GS instead of a GT. Anyone help out here or possibly provide the info and make it...