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    Poll: Did you choose the CX-9 over a European SUV?

    When looking at the Cayenne Diesel and X5 (i test drove both, before i bought the CX-9 back in 2017) the one thing was an "issue" for me was the size. They are just smaller SUVs. If you need the occasional 3rd row seat or even larger trunk, the Cayenne especially was just small. We have 3 kids...
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    Poll: Did you choose the CX-9 over a European SUV?

    Back in 2017 i was seriously considering buying a 2015 Audi Q7 TDI (turbo-diesel) Prestige. At the time, my daily drive was a fully tuned 2012 Audi S4. You can see i like Audis and i am pretty capable to maintain and work on them if and when needed. My Audi S4 had over 100k miles when i sold it...
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    2016~2021 Is the CX-9 "DIY" friendly?

    They are Mazda branded. No NGK or Denso options. This is the main reason for the super high price. At least they are very easy to change.
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    Synthetic Oil change maintanance

    Just to be safe...... once a year, and do use synthetic oil.
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    2016+ CX-9 / Mazda 6 - 2.5L Turbo CorkSport Intake System

    I am selling an almost new, used for only for 2 weeks, Cork Sport Short Ram Intake for Mazda 6 or 2016+ Mazda CX-9 with the 2.5L turbo engine. Kit is complete and in like new condition, in original box, with instructions included. Nothing wrong with it. Nothing missing. Selling because my...
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    how is 2019 CX-9 AWD performance

    Fully agree with Montanaman. The CX-9 AWD system and the SH-AWD are not even comparable. Maybe on paper....but not in reality. The SH-AWD is what the Mazda AWD should be, but due to cost cutting - it's not. Not even close. With good snow tires, my '17 CX-9 AWD does *well* in the snow. I would...
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    The VW Atlas takes a stab at the CX-9

    Actually, some do offer pretty decent, 3-row, adult sized seats & accommodations. Minivans are the obvious option with real seats, but aside from them, some of the larger SUV options have really good 3-row seats. Larger Lincoln, Fords, Cadillac/GMC SUVs, Toyota Sequoia, Mercedes GLS.... are all...
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    NGK Cross reference # for 2017 CX-9 Spark Plug

    Is this for the CX-9 with the 2.5 turbo or for the Mazda 2.5L (non-turbo)? What is bizarre is that the 94124 are Iridium plugs. These last a very long time, usually close to 100k miles. Mazda recommends that we change them every 40k miles. I wonder why? Is the OEM plug a non-iridium plug?
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    2016-2019 Wiper Blade Replacement? (Mine is a 2018)

    Mine is a 2017 Signature and i know for a fact, they fit on mine. :) The brand new set i ordered, i have not installed yet.
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    2016-2019 Wiper Blade Replacement? (Mine is a 2018)

    This is what i got from Amazon. They work well. Lasted a bit over a year of regular use. I just ordered a new pair. For the price, they are pretty decent.
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    2016~2021 Snow and ice performance of AWD CX-9

    The AWD system on the CX-9 is very basic and very much FWD based. It gets the job done, but it's nothing impressive. If you do not have good snow tires, you will not be happy. My 2017 CX-9 with the OEM Falken A/S tires, first winter in the snow, was a joke. :( Audi Q5s and RAV4s were climbing...
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    It is done... 2018 GT bought today. I'm in the club.

    Congrats!! Love the color! I got my 2017 Signature with only 8k miles on the clock.... 2 years ago. Such an amazing deal.
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    Rear Driver side tire cupping wear - bad shocks already?

    My car is a 2017 Signature with about 36k miles on the clock. Seems to ride pretty well. I replaced the rear brake pads two weeks ago (yes, worn out at 36k miles) and in the process, i rotated the tires. As soon as i put the rear tires on the front, i started to feel a very slight, but...
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    2019 1YR Review

    Yep. I was going to are comparing 2019 CX9 model vs 2017 RX. Things change quickly. My 2017 CX-9 Signature also does not have Apple CarPlay (i was able to add it on my own), no heated rear seats, no ventilated front seats, no front parking sensors and quite frankly, after 36k miles...
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    2016+ Maintenance Mode for Rear Brake Pad Change

    I just changed the rear pads on my '17 CX-9 Signature. Very easy. It took me about an hour to do both sides. I used non-OEM brake pads. The original pads lasted a bit over 35k miles only. Disappointing. I followed this procedure that i found on a Mazda 6 forum. It worked great. I pushed the...
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    2016~2021 New CX-9 Touring 2019 - Interior noises - Please Help

    Not sure if you have the same my 2017 had a hard to diagnose noise in the same area over bumps, and after 3 visits to the dealer, they discovered that it has some loose bolts/nuts around the wiper blade motor assembly. They had to remove the plastic cowl cover in order to see all the...
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    What have you done to your CX-9 today?

    sm1ke, Do you recall what brand of tint you put on your car? Is it perfectly clear or it has some % of tint to it? Any issues with night time driving/glare? Thanks!
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    i-ACTIVE AWD not so Active

    I am not a super expert on how the Mazda AWD system works, but i can tell that the "fix" for it would be to somehow send more power to the rear axle, quicker. If the hardware can handle it (i have some real doubts there), the rest is software calibration.
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    Differential fluid change?

    My 2017 CX-9 has a bit over 30k miles now. I stopped by the dealer last week and asked if they offer an Auto transmission fluid service (drain/refill) and he said, "no, it's a lifetime fluid". There is not such thing as "lifetime AT fluid" but if he says so, whatever. I will try to replace...
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    i-ACTIVE AWD not so Active

    sm1ke, i don't disagree with you. I am not comparing apples to apples, correct. Just like i said in my post earlier, i know that "everyone else in this class does it too". .... however, personally, this does not make me feel any happier with the AWD in the CX-9, especially when i compare it to...