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    Possible to Bypass Airbag Disable Detection?

    GF is 5'2", she sits on a pillow to bring her up to see over the dash/steering wheel. But sitting on the pillow triggers the Airbag Disable detection. I feel this is a safety issue. When she sits in the passenger seat, she is not protected by Airbag! And I don't know if this happens when she...
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    Please bring back "New Posts" button

    Used to be a button in the top for: It's gone!
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    NAV Screen Night Mode (2016 CX-5 Grand Touring w/Tech Pkg)

    New purchase! Just drove home last night from dealer after dark and gps screen was too bright. Definitely in Day mode. Poked around in settings just sitting in the garage and was able to manually put into Night mode going through all the menus, and screen looked like it should when in night...