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    What does 10 lb-ft of torque get you?

    Curious about the small torque boost in the 2020 turbo. What’s the benefit? Better 0-60, faster off the line? Or ???
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    2019 HUD with Polarized Sunglasses?

    I have a 2019 CX-5 and find that my polarized sunglasses dim down the HUD a lot. I read one review which claimed the new Mazda 3 HUD was a lot better in this, but would like to hear some real life feedback from people here.
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    Strange Traffic Sign Recognition Readings

    I think the Traffic Sign Recognition is a handy tool though it misses things like school zone speeds etc. What's just happened to me, though, I can't explain. The speed limit indicator is giving me totally random (and incorrect) numbers eg 19 km/hr in a 30 zone or 37 km/hr in a 60 zone. I...
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    BSM brightness?

    I find the blind spot indicator in the mirrors fairly inconspicuous, especially in bright daylight. I didnt see a brightness adjustment in settings. Is there one?
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    Leather conditioner?

    Anyone have a favorite leather conditioner theyd recommend for my new vehicle? I have used Lexol in the past. My dealer recommended Mothers.
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    No GloveBox Light etc. on Canadian Signature?

    Just got the 2019 Signature in Machine Grey and generally love it. I think the Canadian model has cheaped out on a couple of things parking sensors, 360 camera or glovebox light. I had a glovebox light on my 1996 Integra. Anyone (especially Canadian owners here) have an explanation?
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    Next CX-5 FMC?

    What are the best guesses for the release of the third generation CX-5? From what Ive read, Generation 1 (MY 2013) was unveiled at the LA show in November 2012, and Generation 2 (MY 2017) at the November 2016 LA show.
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    Id like to play Spotify with my soon to be purchased 2019. Would this be best done by Apple CarPlay with Spotify as one of the on-screen apps?
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    Illuminated CX-5 door sills

    Anyone bought these as an option? They look pretty cool on the Mazda website but are they tacky in real life?Also, not clear if you get two or four?
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    What to expect from a touchless car wash?

    Close to buying a 2019 CX-5. In an ideal world, Id hand wash my car twice a week, and apply or reapply Maguires. But in my real world without a lot of free time, I like to keep my car clean and looking nice so I run in through a good touchless car wash. What can I expect as a result on the Mazda...