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    Thinking of painting my CX-5... Myself!

    Saw this revolutionary method of painting and wanted to share. I think I'm going to go for it and make the car of my dreams come to life, for as the Polish proverb states: " 'One must take care of themselves!' said the mountain man as he tied his shoe with a worm." Low carbon footprint airbrush!
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    Replacing the speakers- General thoughts on my install

    I replaced the front speakers today (Infinity REF-6502ix) and the ordeal, ah umm I mean job got me to thinking about posting my thoughts and tips. I'll gladly answer any specific questions if anyone has any about this procedure. 1. Cut out the OEM speaker from its base, it's easy as the...
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    Exhaust seepage???

    Exhaust seepage into cabin??? I've been smelling this for the past week, it seems like when I've set the recirc button to fresh air intake I can smell something akin to exhaust. Fan on or not btw. I had thought originally that maybe it was another car since I had been following an older...