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  1. SonicBoy

    Transport 2nd FOB

    There is no problem having both keys in the car with a battery in both at the same time. Trying to understand what the OP is concerned about. Why would you want to leave the 2nd key in the car if you stop at a rest station? Wouldn't you want both keys to be with you rather than locked inside...
  2. SonicBoy

    2016 CX-5 Touring wheels...HELP can't find any

    Have you tried as a start?
  3. SonicBoy

    Mazda CX-5 Canada Rims

    There are too many sizes so doubt you will see the actual part #s. Only reference is the Model of M011. These wheels are made by FastWheels/FastCo for Mazda.
  4. SonicBoy

    Broken outer door panel trim

    It's way easier to apply the new panel with the clips attached to the new panel them snapping them into place on the vehicle. The clips do break but can be removed safely especially when it is warm. Mazda is pretty good at providing the new panel with clips already installed with what I've seen...
  5. SonicBoy

    Broken outer door panel trim

    A new panel from the dealership will more than likely come with new clips already attached. The plastic tabs are easy to remove with a plastic trim tool but probably better to leave them in place until you have your replacement trim piece.
  6. SonicBoy

    OEM Interior lighting kit (footwell) KB7W-V7-050

    From those instructions you can see why some dealerships have issues with the install. There are a lot of steps and disassembly of both sides of the lower dash not to mention a tap that has to happen from the rear which involves basically disassembly of the rear area. I'm sure if a tech has...
  7. SonicBoy

    Looking for solution for damaged shark fin antenna

    Try looking for one of the PDR guys that can try to work the dent out. They may need to pull the head liner to get behind and can then determine if the fin can be bolted back down. Maybe purchase a replacement fin from an Auto Recycler before the PDR guy so he can maybe swap out while working...
  8. SonicBoy

    Question for 2019 CX-5 owners about wipers

    If you have wipers that shudder it's more than likely something on the glass if the wipers have been changed or properly cleaned. I've found the only way to cure this is to use a clay bar with clay lube to remove whatever is causing the shuddering. I normally finish it off with Stoner Invisible...
  9. SonicBoy

    Purchase dealer vs service dealer

    Nothing wrong with buying and servicing at a different dealer. Some dealerships may try to get you to service where you buy but ultimately it is your choice for both items. Some offer loaners while you vehicle is in for service but it all depends on what the Service Manager or the Dealership...
  10. SonicBoy

    Squealing brakes on 2019 GTR

    Sounds like it could be a problem with the pads themselves given the description of the problem. Your dealer doesn't sound like they really want to resolve the problem. Not sure why as this should be covered under the warranty given the year/mileage of the car. You may very well have to drive...
  11. SonicBoy

    Difference between 2020 MY and 2019 MY, all trims

    There's also the change in key fob from 2019 MY to 2020 MY and additional sound deadening in the roof headliner. (these pieces sited in dealer publications)
  12. SonicBoy

    2017~2021 Knock noise when braking

    Dealership still has to confirm the clunking noise is indeed the coil slipping on the front strut bearing. Start by confirming that your VIN falls between the range of 2017-2018 CX-5 vehicles with VINs lower than JM3KF******353182 (produced before February 1, 2018). Remember, this is only a TSB...
  13. SonicBoy

    2017~2021 Knock noise when braking

    I believe the TSB is the first one on this list.
  14. SonicBoy

    2017~2021 Knock noise when braking

    Early production run 2017's had a TSB out for a clucking thud sound when going over bumps and I believe the fix was a rubber sleeve put on the top few coils of the front springs. You mention the noise is on braking. Does it happen as well if going over a speed bump or braking hard where the...
  15. SonicBoy

    2017~2021 Trunk opening randomly

    The 2020 models get the new larger square fob that debuted with the 2019 Mazda 3. The buttons are on the side so we'll have to see if this is any better than the fobs for the 2017-2019.
  16. SonicBoy

    Wheel sizing question

    The first website I posted allows calculations for fender/wheel well/suspension. Further down towards the bottom chart it also shows the optimal rim width size. It does also allow you to play with the offset values to see what the difference is based on current and new setup...
  17. SonicBoy

    Wheel sizing question

    Try using this site for your calculations: Your wheel diameter may be a bit tad off with the 2 sizes based on:
  18. SonicBoy

    Issues with new site?

    Appears to be fixed after trying it again just now. Thanks for fixing. Now if it could be displayed under the Avtar, it would help when replying to posts given the global community.
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    Issues with new site?

    Only when saving. I'm using Toronto, ON which is only 11 characters, tried removing the , and even the space.
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    Issues with new site?

    No, the field above Website: