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    rack fillers

    I have the roof racks from my 02 P5. If any Canadian P5 owner or anyone else wants to trade the racks foor some fillers then e-mail me or post back. Thanks
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    Lug size

    i know what i am about to say might be confusing but bare with me. I busted i think a stud on my wheel. I think thats what it is but i know that there are only 4 of it holding on my wheel instead of 5. Please tell me what its name is exactly and where i can look to find what size i need. PLEASE...
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    Altezza lights

    anyone know where i can find the black or carbon fiber backed altezza tail lights for the P5? Ive seen a set of em but they want 250 bucks
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    Cat after header

    This message is mainly for SlimMilkMan327 because i spoke breifly with him about it before but it is also for anyone that knows. The OBX header for the P5 appears to only come solo. Ive heard that some header systems come with an aftermarket cat. Will this eliminate the cat totaly to where i...
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    Help!!!! Need Cheap But Reliable Header

    where can i get a cheap but reliable header?? every place i have been is tryin to rip people off. (dark) HELP ME!!!!