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    rear mount insert

    i was wondering if anybody knows if they make/ where i can buy a rear mount insert for an automatic. corksport and rr both say for manual only. is there a diff in the rubber between the 2? gotta change my mount and dont wanna have to do it again for a very long time
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    wtb: license plate light lenses

    well folks, im lookin for the lenses for a p5 license plate light. i broke the tabs on one of mine and the dealer wants $45 for the whole light assembly! that seems ridiculous to me so i am wondering if anybody out there has some for sale or knows where i might find some. thanks for the help
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    finally gettin to mod the p5

    hello everyone. new member to the forum but have followed this site for a long time. Ive had my p5 since 04 and until recently it remained stock. Recently that has changed