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    Selling my Mazdaspeed

    Well guys, I hate to say it but I am selling my 2003 black mica mazdaspeed protege. My new insurance bill just came and its just to much. The car is in perfect shape, and at the moment only has 9,900 miles on it. I bought it just over 1 year ago. The real kick in the ass is that my autometer...
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    Happy Birthday Mazdaspeed

    Well its official, today, March 6 2004 marks the one year anniversary that I bought my black mica mazdaspeed protege! Exactly one year ago to the day exactly. I just hit 9,600 miles today too. Not bad keeping it under 10,000 miles in the first year. Well just wanted 2 wish everyone else a happy...
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    Mazdaspeed in import racer

    Sorry if it is a repost, but anybody see the current issue of import racer? There is a couple of pages in there dedicated to the msp and how to bolt on 40HP and 40ft/lbs of torque. And please, no Master of the Obvious stuff....even though that shit was funny as hell. Reminded me of a bad magic...
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    Yellow MSP in Union NJ

    I keep seeing a yellow mazdaspeed in union on magie ave. I honked twice, and was wondering if it was anyone from these boards. I drive a black mica MSP. Also curious if the spicy orange I see everyonce in a while is from here. Its a girl driver.
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    This cant be good

    Ok, so does anyone know the little plastic pipe(labelled calloway) that bends to the right, right in front of the intercooler, so that it blows air away from the intercooler. Well I popped my hood open the other day and it seems to me missing. Im guessing a gust of the air it shot out must have...
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    Launching the MSP

    Just curious what everyone revs to when they launch thier msp at the track. I rev to 3000, does that sound right 2 anyone?
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    black msp spotted in union nj

    Hey guys. I just saw a brand new black mica msp this morning. I live in Union new jersey and saw it on morris ave. Ive been the only black mica msp in the area until now....actually the only msp in the area period until now. anyway, i was just wondering if it was anyone from the boards. if so...
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    newbie with new car

    whats up everybody, i just found this board this morning and was relieved to also. I am on my way to pick up my mazdaspeed Protoge that I bought last night. I had my choice of the two colors, so i went with the Black Mica. Cant wait to drive it home. Anyway, I have been going crazy looking...