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    Mazda caught in emissions cheating scandal
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    I really want to get some red spline lug nuts

    To go with my Soul Red 2017. But after reading reviews on Amazon (same lug nuts available on eBay), it looks like whether they're made of aluminum or steel, the anodized color easily scratches/chips, even when tightening/loosening with hand tools. Is this just how it is with these colored lug...
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    Can Mazda dealer recalibrate a speedometer?

    Just wondering, as I consider a different wheel/tire size for my 2017.
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    2017 and Valentine One

    Anyone know if a current (w/Junk-K Fighter) Valentine One radar/laser detector works without false alarms generated via the various CX-5 radar units? I've got an old Valentine One that is unusable because of all the K-band radar gear on other vehicles, and am considering getting an upgraded V1...
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    2017 Door sill/scuff plates

    Anyone else wish Mazda would make some available other than the expensive LED ones? I've checked eBay, and there are some aftermarket ones available, and they claim they will fit the 2017, but looking at them, I don't think they will because of the non-level "step" in the sill of the 2017.
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    2017 Sport Mode - Stuck in 1st gear

    Anyone else experiencing an issue where after engaging Sport Mode either at a stop or as you're slowing down, you're stuck in 1st gear when you accelerate? No, the gear shift is not in manual shift mode when this happens.
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    2017 Replaced rear license plate bulbs

    Replaced the OEM bulbs with Sylvania 194. IMHO, they're perfect - nice white color, perfect brightness.
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    2017 Paddle Shifters

    Anyone know if the JDM paddle shifters can be installed on our US-spec vehicles?
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    2017 Paddle Shifters

    Anyone know if the JDM paddle shifters can be installed on our US-spec vehicles?
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    2017 Text Messages Not Being Received

    Guys, I believe I have all the settings set correctly to received text messages via my iPhone, but new texts do not appear on my CX-5's screen. Any idea what I might have missed as far as setting it up?
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    2017 CX-5 Electric Power Steering

    So I was inspecting the engine bay of my new 2017 CX-5 GT last night and could not find the power steering fluid reservoir. This may be a dumb question, and I'm not familiar with electric power steering, but is the use of power steering fluid no longer needed?