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    Service Bulletin FIX USB playback and SMS Bluetooth!!! NB1/TOMTOM ONLY ('12-15')

    Behind the glove box. Remove all your stuff, squeeze in the sides, and pull it all the way down. Module is mounted behind it.
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    Just took home a 2016 CX-5 AWD GT - found a scuff on the headlight

    Hard to tell, but it looks like dried wax residue or possibly adhesive from the shipping body wrap. Try a little bit of alcohol or Goo Gone on a soft t-shirt or microfiber and see if it will come off.
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    Scratch in Glossy Piano Finish Dash Trim

    You could pull the plastic, sand and apply a clear coat (automotive grade), then wet sand and polish. It will hold up to scratches much better, and you can always wax/polish as necessary. Vinyl is another option.
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    leak coming from under '14 CX-5

    It is still most likely condensation. Confirm your AC is NOT running and see if you get the same accumulation. With the automatic systems/settings, it will use the AC as necessary until you press the AC button to "off".
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    My oil results with penzoil 0-20 pure

    Didn't they email you the PDF? You can log into blackstone and download it directly, makes it easier to share.
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    New 2016 CX-5 Questions and thoughts

    The press photos also have headlight washers, which the NA versions do not have (mandated overseas), which means those are generic photos. Don't get too excited about seeing a manual in the higher trims anytime soon. Like most manufacturers, it'll likely be completely off the build sheet in a...
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    New 2016 CX-5 Questions and thoughts

    wouldn't be surprised if it's for Sport, Normal, and Eco.
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    New 2016 CX-5 Questions and thoughts

    Album 1 (Autoblog): Album 2 (Press Photos):
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    New 2016 CX-5 Questions and thoughts

    Full Press Release: 2016 Mazda CX-5 A more sophisticated crossover SUV refreshed throughout The refreshed Mazda CX-5 makes its world debut at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show. Standing at the vanguard of Mazda's new-generation product lineup, CX-5 was the first model to fully adopt SKYACTIV...
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    New 2016 CX-5 Questions and thoughts

    The new screen looks like an afterthought. I hate the new grille and foglights. The new 19's are ok. Aside from the new iDrive-type radio controls and the cleaner, white LED lit HVAC controls, I'll stick with our 2015. I'm not sure why the didn't incorporate the new 6 dash/interior design since...
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    Leaked 2016 CX-5.

    That interior will look great in the 6 coupe!
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    Leaked 2016 CX-5.

    While I like the 6/Atenza interior, I'll keep our 2015. That grill is hideous and the headlights look like Ebay specials.
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    Sport 2.5 AWD Hard to find

    that has to be a recent change. The Sport used to be FWD and 2.0L, only option was manual or auto.
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    Polk db351 capacitor?
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    Polk db351 capacitor?

    they are bass blockers, attenuates the low frequency stuff to keep them from blowing.
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    Sport 2.5 AWD Hard to find

    There is no 2.5 Sport option. It had to have been a Touring.
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    ipod not playing anymore

    Same thing happened in my wife's car. She tried quite a few things, but what worked for me was to dock/sync the iPod to iTunes, reset the iPod, and then reconnect to the car. I tried all of those things before hooking it up again, but it seems to have fixed the issue (and hasn't come back).
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    What have you done to your CX-5 today?

    Prepping for winter... ordered a set of 3D MAXpider front and rear mats. Shhh, they're a birthday gift for the wife.
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    Clear Bra Paint Protection...or not?

    We did a full frontal wrap on ours which includes the Full hood (not just the strip), Full front bumper, Full front fenders (back to the door edge), A-pillars, and a strip on the roof that ends about an inch before the sunroof. The installer also did a strip on the rear bumper, and wrapped the...