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    My 5 got hit by the neighbor.

    I have an 03 honda Odyssey. I got it 1st week of December that year. Anyways, it had snowed and I was parked in front of my office front doors as I had to open and then run out to do an errand for my office. The phone was ringing as I entered, so I grab it and I'm standing in front of the...
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    Mysterious Air leak from tire

    maybe you had a leak around where the bead of the tire meets the rim, and even though you got new tires, perhaps they did not clean the rim before mounting the tire and the tire was not sealed well?
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    weird tire pressure loss.

    Your probably going to loose tire pressure more quickly while the tire is on the car and the weight of the vehicle is applied. When the pressure is removed the air will probably not be forced out as quickly. However, I suppose, like you said, you can over inflate and look for bubbles.
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    How much oil do you burn between changes?

    I have a 09 CX-7 AWD GT. No oil loss after 55K. I have a 03 Honda van with 190k and it looses about 1 liter between oil changes. I could put in a High mileage oil/thicker oil in the summer anyways, but with winter coming on, probably not.
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    I did a search for this 'how-to' in the CX-5 section

    she probably feels the feeling of safety of driving a larger vehicle out weighs that of the cost of gas at this time. However, trucks don't need to meet the same safety requirements as cars do. I know someone who got broadsided while driving a toyota Forerunner years ago. yes, a tahoe is bigger...
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    Hello CX-7 world!

    Hope you enjoy it! I've never driven a landrover, any of them, but I've heard that they can be hard on gas. I have the 09 CX-7 GT AWD TURBO. I have a bit of a heavy foot, but considering its a 4 cylinder, with a turbo, I was expecting better gas mileage. I have a honda van with a 6, and the gas...
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    Check engine light/reading codes

    I'm in Montreal and the quick lube place read mine for free.
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    What tire pressure are you riding at?

    you can't go wrong with what is recommended. However, check your pressure when the tires are cool, as in the morning before driving, as hot air expands thus increasing the tire pressure.
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    Fuel additives

    BTW, concerning adding those bottles to a tank of gas. Up north here where we get below freezing temperatures, there are bottles of additives you can add to a tank of gas to help push moisture through the system so that you hopefully won't have it freeze in the gas line causing trouble starting...
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    CX-7 Turbo vs. CX-7 Without Turbo

    I have an 09 CX7 GT Turbo AWD. My car is supposed to put out roughly 244 bhp. I can't remember the exact figure, but I read that the non turbo, makes less than 200 bhp. Also, given where I live, Canada, I prefer AWD. You may be able to get away with FWD, but AWD is nice when you need it.
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    Draining gas tank - 1999 Protege

    I suppose sticking a tube down the filler tube to the bottom of the tank is not completely out of the question. I also would guess that doing on a slope so the gas will gather at the lowest point, assuming your tube gets that far. Just a guess, never had to drain my tank and never have seen it...
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    codes, codes, codes (help a newb)

    I know this is a different vehicle, but I had the coils replaced on my honda van. A day later it was misfiring again. The mechanic said one of the coils was defective. Maybe it's applicable to your situation?
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    Need to get the Dullness back to Shinyness??

    I personally like Mothers Carbanuba wax. They used to sell a three step, cleaner/polisher/glazer, but I don't know if they still do. However, I try and wax my cars twice a year using Mothers Cleanerwax. It seems to do ok. I have an Orbital polisher that I use to apply and remove the wax and it...
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    Just bought a CX-7, looking for cross bars.

    I have a 09 GT CX7. got it used with low mileage, woman driven. Came with the rack you posted from the deal in my particular year. I don't know the weight capability of the dealer rack on my car and if it can handle the stresses of having the cargo container on top, a bike rack or since your in...
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    Is Coasting BAD for the Engine and Long Term Reliability (?)

    I would ask, is leaving it in gear better while coasting or coasting in neutral then putting it back into gear when having to get back on the gas again while the transmission is spinning at highway speed?
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    Scan gauge

    Its been a while since I posted here, but I have replied to others on some less complicated questions. I am in hope that some one has an answer or opinion. I have an 09 CX-7 GT AWD. it does not have a display showing gas consumption like some of the other mazda vehicles might have. Perhaps the...
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    winter tires

    Any knowledgeable/reputable tire place could help you, along with going to TIRE RACK on line. furthermore, I do know that if you go to a smaller rim, for the winter, the side wall of the tire anyways must be adjusted according to compensate for the difference in rim size. Otherwise, it will...
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    Swapped a new motor and car wont start.. Not getting any spark from coilpack!!!

    here is a dumb question, is there gas in the car and is the fuel pump working?
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    Air conditioning stopped

    compressor gone or a leak some where in your cars system or possible both. if your compressor is fine, then the garage you go to will want to try filling your system with refridgerant that has a dye in it so they can look for a leak somewhere in the cars system. then they can hopefully fix it...
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    Quality, easy to find 0w-20 options?

    last week at costco, I saw 5 liters of mobil 1 for around $28.00.