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    ATF flush adapter

    There were discussions on the boards about inability to exchange all transmission fluid in SkyActiv transaxle. The problem is that there is no obvious way to hook up to the fluid flow, because Masda employs the liquid-to liquid ATF cooler with only coolant fittings accessible. Partial fluid...
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    Accessory power at the trunk outlet.

    I can't be alone in my wish to have rear outlet to only have power only with ignition on. We take a portable 12V cooler with us on the long trips, and it is a pain to run out to the trunk to turn it off at the gas station. Small battery can't sustain that power draw for long, so I do it every...
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    Knock vs Pre-Ignition

    A cool video from NGK and an interesting discussion at bobistheoilguy board.
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    '17 glass on prior year cars?

    I know it is a long stretch, but would '17 windshield glass fit my wife's '15 GT with tech pack? Dimensions and sensors, are they different? Darn glass has the crack like many here got. '17 is thicker with better acoustics... Sent from my VIVO XL using Tapatalk