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    Alternator cable upgrade?

    I need to upgrade the wire from my p5s alterator to the battery. anyone who has done this please help. First I am confused because when i removed the wire at the alternator post it has two smaller gauge wires(black/white stripes).On the other end at the battery its one larger gauge...
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    Please help(optima yellow top)

    Im about to get an optima yellow top to replace the stock battery in my p5 which number optima yellow fits this car? Iv heard mostly the #35 but after seeing other numbers here and there Im confused. Even pep boys doestnt know which one i should get. Arggh! Thxs for any help.
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    JL12w6 High Output Box?P5

    anyone have the 12w6 HO in a p5? i have the box but just got my p5. Just wondering if theres any difference in the way the subs positioned in the hatch(up or backwards which sounds best)? How many watts should i feed this thing?the only number i see on jl site is 400 rms. Right now Im running...