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    KL Swappin' Protege5

    I must agree with 323 and 31N007. My 1st try was about 6 hrs. but probably 2 of it was waiting for an extra set of hands with the thru bolt and borrowing a 6pt socket for the 3 nuts on top. After that is was about 2 hrs to change it out. Firewall stud is a pain. Don't even try 12 pt if you've...
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    KL Swappin' Protege5

    I did it 3 times. All from the top without removing the intake. It sucked all 3 times! But the 1st was the worst. It had just over 100000 miles on it. Those 3 nuts on top were difficult to break loose. Use pb blaster or some kind of penetrating spray. 6pt socket and like 18-24" worth extensions...
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    Rear End Link Length for Protege5

    I use the 68s with mine. Lowered eibachs and progress rear bar. Keeps it horizontal. Had to switch the upper zerks to 90* ones to keep them from hitting the body.
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    Motor Mounts and Shocks?

    I replaced my mounts in a kit off Amazon and they seemed comparible to stock feeling. However, the rear swap was a PITA. So I decided to use inserts in the front and rear mounts to prevent those from tearing again. I got like 95 duro inserts from RR. Bad idea going with such a hard urethane. The...
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    Motor Mounts and Shocks?

    The mazdaspeed proteges used racing beat springs that lowered it about .75 inches and tokico blues. That setup fits the p5 but I remember reading something about rear end sag because of the spring perch or something like that. Youll probably have to look into that more as my memory is a bit...
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    Motor Mounts and Shocks?

    What is your overall purpose for it? DD? Autocross? DEA or Anchor mounts from auto parts stores or even ebay or amazon will work for a daily. For added support you can do AWR inserts or fill them yourself with liquid urethane. The 60A is good for a daily as its not too stiff. If you want a...
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    Which tire fits best!

    Im running factory 17s off a 2005ish miata. Offset i dont know. With eibachs and tokicos i have run both 205/40 and 215/45. I like the 45s better for both ride quality and it seemed like the 205s were kinda stretched. The rim seemed to stick out more than the rubber. Some guys like the 40s...
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    Oil drain plug flew out on highway

    I believe the only difference is that hook thing on the top. Its to hold the shifter cable on automatics. Easily removed for manuals tho
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    Grif's White P5

    If you are looking for a nice blend between comfort and performance - keep the side inserts and fill the front and rear with either the 3m or 60a liquid urethane. Im running inserts in front and sides and a urethane filled rear. In my auto i have minimal vibes. And its my daily.
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    Sway bar link lengths

    The longer links will have the potential to hit the lateral arm. The pro5 uses the shorter links. Also, look for moog k80863. They are thicker and have grease fittings
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    Stabilizer bar, bar link, bushings questions

    You want the shorter links and I believe the stock rear bar is 16mm. Msp is 19mm. Awr is 21mm and progress is 22mm.
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    Grif's White P5

    I had a starting issue a while back. Turned out the wiring for the crank sensor had chaffed through and was grounding out on the lifting eyelet closest to the timing cover. That plug there goes down to the crank sensor. Could be worth looking into. Or perhaps the eye is dirty or getting close to...
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    Grif's White P5

    The rear mount is the one that causes the most vibes. Ive got inserts in the other 3 and the rear is filled with 60a liquid urethane. In my auto the vibes are minimal. Keys dont rattle in the door. Empty can shakes a bit in the cup holder but anything in it and its quiet. Before the 60a I had...
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    What have you done to your P5 today?

    Ive got a rr racing front insert. Its stiff like 88 or 95 duro. And awr side inserts prob like 70 duro. In an automatic i felt almost nothing at idle or with ac on. Then i put the rr insert in the rear mount. I thought the radio was going to rattle out! Way too much nvh for me. I took it out and...
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    2002 p5 parting

    Bump this thread! Good seller fast responses and includes pics of items! Thanks Coker!!
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    2002 p5 parting

    just that single grommet. without it the headlight bounces around and its impossible to aim so if the damaged light has it that's all i need. I'll send you a pic to confirm which part i'm requesting. thanks
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    2002 p5 parting

    on that pass side headlight thats busted up - on the inside where the bulb goes. on the hi beam there is a grommet that goes in the opening. its like 2" around with a hole in the middle to put hi beam bulb thru. would you be willing to pull that grommet out and sell it?
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    p5 Stock oem roofrack crossmember deletes

    Id love those! Shoot me a price
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    LankyKiwi's Rally-flavored SP20

    Cr3 motorsports used to have whiteline and pedders i think. There was also super pro bushings. I believe they were from Australia. There was a thread on here once before about redoing the rear trailing bushings but I cant find it yet
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    College Student First Car Build

    what is your lowering combo? when I went with eibach and illumina I had to use some large fender washers on the top nut because the threads didnt go down far enough to keep tension on the spring. might be worth investigating. another thing to check is the upper ball on the rear endlink. make...