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    2015 2.5L GT AWD Christmas Tree'd.... loss of Speedometer

    This happened to my wife on her way to work last night around 11pm. 65ish MPH on the highway, all the dash lights came on and the speedometer dropped to zero. Nothing else abnormal, engine did not stall/buck. She pulled over, shut it off and restarted. Drove forward a bit on the shoulder, but...
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    Clarivue Ultra Clear Screen Protector - installed with photos

    I have used Clarivue protectors on my last 3 phones and on my Jetta touchscreen radio. I really like that they are held in place by static versus adhesive, which means you do not have to do a wet installation, they are easily removable, and if you do get bubbles or lint under the film, it easily...
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    Finally home! 2015 CX-5 GT AWD!

    Just picked her up today. Saw it come off the truck last weekend, put down a deposit and waited for the extra Memorial Day savings. Its a 2015 GT AWD with Tech Package, roof rack and crossbars, and the dealer included the cargo cover. All in all, its a pretty sweet car/truck/SUV/CUV... whatever...
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    New mirrors for 2015?

    Haven't seen this discussed but there were 3 brand new (still wrapped) CX5s delivered at my dealer that have different mirrors than the other 2015s and left over 14s. The turn signal LEDs are now integrated in the front instead of on the side, more like my Jetta.
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    Redline Tuning Hood Struts.... anyone near Dexter, MI?

    I just spoke with Brian at Redline Tuning, and they do not currently have a kit for the CX-5. They just released one for the 2014+ Mazda 6, here: I've had their products on my last 3 cars, and they are top notch! Kits are VERY complete, come with...
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    Owners... does the CX-5 have 'bulb out warnings'?

    Some automakers like Ford, VW, etc have systems that recognize the drop in resistance of a failed bulb and give you a 'bulb out warning' on the dash. This can be a PITA if you like to swap out standard bulbs with LEDs, install HIDs, etc. I read through the manual, but it doesn't mention...
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    Stormy Blue Mica.... anyone have pics, seen one yet, or own one?

    none of the dealers in my area have gotten these in yet. Plenty of Sky Blue, but no Stormy Blue. I have seen the color on a few MX-5's and its awesome!
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    6-speed manual test drive - finally.

    A local dealer finally got two Sport manual CX-5's in stock (Hall Mazda in Virginia Beach; one Metro, one Silver), so my wife and I stopped by for a test drive. I had already previously driven a Touring auto and was impressed, but still wanted a manual transmission. We noticed that there was a...
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    News from Mazda on the CX-5 tomorrow (3/28)... anyone else see this?

    Mazda CX-5 Top Secret Testing!/media/set/?set=a.10151433670485363.833265.337363685362&type=1