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    FS 2.0L Head Flow Numbers

    I just got my set of 2.0L FS heads flowed, bigger valves installed and then ported. Here are the results: Stock Flow numbers: .1 Lift - 94.7 cfm .2 Lift - 155.4 cfm .3 Lift - 192.5 cfm .4 Lift - 202.8 cfm Supertech +1mm Valves Installed: .1 Lift - 88.8 cfm .2 Lift - 151.1 cfm .3 Lift - 191.3...
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    MX6 J-Spec headlights and custom taillights

    I have a clean set of J-Spec headlights complete with all bulbs, sockets, rubber, etc... I am asking $275 + Shipping O.B.O. for them. I will include the 6000K HIDs that are in them right now. Up next is a set of stock tails that are custom painted, includes all bulbs, sockets and harnesses...
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    True Performance Intake Manifold (FS-ZE)

    I am selling a FS-ZE manifold , truly more performing than the FS-DE or the 626, direct bolt on, no VTCS, original resonance chamber and more. It's a real upgrade. Complete with injectors, fuel rail, egr and throttle body. Posted on lots of forums and at this price it will go fast ! $ 200 plus...
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    FS: Protege Tweeters with sail panels

    Two sets available: $65 a set shipped to your door...
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    Dash Surround with molded VGA Screen

    I have this piece for sale: It's a liliput 7" VGA screen molded in. Looking to get $250 O.B.O.
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    I don't know if it was Antoine or someone else that made the change, but it has to be reverted back, because you just killed the forum. It is in an infinite loop, because it's trying to find for one, the header banner for the site and it does not. Also by doing that, you broke all the user's...
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    How-To: 3rd Brake Light for Spoiler Less Look

    Since I recently installed my Carbon Fibre Trunk Lid spoilerless, I had to add the interior 3rd brake light. I hated how the bulb looked and I wanted something different, so I made changes with an LED. Here goes: The Bezel Freshly painted Black, using SEM trim black: That's dust on the...
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    Wings West Evo Hood

    SO I am putting my hood up for sale. This is a real wings west, and very hard to find. It is in great condition. 1 little issue, the hood strut kit kit, has pushed up on the sides a little, but it can be easily fixed with some books on the hood on a nice sunny and hot day or with hood pins if...
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    Integral Cams Closing

    Don't know how much of it is true, but this is what I saw today: Just an FYI to everyone out here that Integral cams is closing for business and has no cams left for the miata. I called to talk about making some for my NA track car, but they said they are in the middle fo closing as we...
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    WTB: 2010 MS3 Snowflake wheels

    If anyone wants to sell their 2010 Snowflake wheels, hit me up. I'm looking for a set.
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    Where is JCell ?

    So here goes, this is just a little intro, and there will be small teasers during the day, but the bulk of the information will be made available to you by Antoine. Let's see if you can guess where JCell is this weekend and what he is doing !!! <object height="405" width="660"> <embed...
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    WTB: Vent Covers for Wings West CF Hood

    I saw the other thread so I'm taking a chance that someone may have these. If you do and don't want to sell, then maybe you can give me dimensions/pics and I can have some made. So as the title states, I need the vent covers for a Carbon Fiber Wings West hood.
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    MSP Turbo Kit ( Partial )

    I have the following for sale: Partial MSP Turbo Kit including, Manifold, Turbo, S pipe, and not pictured yet: Oil and coolant lines and the Upper Oil Pan / Main bearing support plate / upper windage tray ( whatever you want to call it ). The turbo has no shaft play. Manifold and s pipe were...
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    2X MSP Condensers

    I have two MSP condensers for sale: Price: $75 plus shipping ( each )
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    FS: FS-ZE with ECU and Harness (168 HP )

    I have an FS-ZE with ECU and Wiring Harness, plug and play, ready to drop in to a protege. Price: $1500 - Special $1350
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    323 And 1st gen Protege Carbon Fiber Parts !

    For those of you with First Gens. I have these molds that I can create parts for: Carbon Tailgate GT-R Carbon Hood Carbon Roof, full roof not a layover Carbon Fiber Lip Interior
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    My New RHD conversion.

    I always wanted a JDM vehicle, so here it is:
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    ** MEGA ** MSP Parts Sale

    After discussing this with a mod, this is the way it will procede. I have about 3 MSPs worth of parts, mostly mechanical, electric, and engine. If there is something you are interested in or need, please post on this thread and I will get a picture with said item and proper signage up right...
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    388HP Sleeper MPV

    What a sick swap...
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    FS: Dual Gauge Cluster Surround

    Yes it is another rare protege item up for sale: It has a fresh coat of paint on it. Price: $150 Why so cheap you ask ? Well I am finicky about the finish, and I don't consider it 100% perfect. I would say 97% perfect. Behind where the gauges sit, the finish is not as good as I would like...