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    Post FSZE swap throwing few codes, might have borked the vacuum..

    Im having the same issue. Could u send me pix of properly wired vacuum lines. By email or text dont matter to me
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    Iso vacuum line diagram for the FS-ZE engine

    I have an 02 P5 with a JDM 2.0. Ive owned it for less the. A year. I noticed after i bought it i saw some sensors that wee just hanging there, they didn't seem to fit anywhere. 2 or 3 open vacuum lines, but it didnt affect performance. Until recently she started to sputter after about 30 miles...
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    Isport rear protege5 wing lip add on

    Do u have a website?
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    FS-ZE spec

    True hp Is 180 hp true on the FS-ZE?
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    FS-ZE question

    Anybody know where i can find vacuum line Schematics?
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    Cruise control issues

    I have an 02 MP5, when my cruise control is on If i turn on my parking lights my cruise control Shuts off.....i cant reset it but its just wierd. Any ideas?
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    FS-ZE spec

    Quick question on ur reply to a post I just bought a 02 mp5 w what ive been told fs-ze engine. It also has a custom air box, header and Megan exhaust. What kinda HP do u think it has now?
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    Looking at buying a MSP and want advice? Post here!

    hey guys, looking for advice, I own a 2000 protg 1.8 5 spd, I was thinking or possibly dreaming about getting me a msp 2.0 to put into it. is it possible and how hard would the conversion be? been looking online for parts. was also considering buying a used 1.8 and rebuilding it while I still...
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    P5 trans questions

    does have abs...thats the only light thats lit up on my dash
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    P5 trans questions

    the syncros are out so i need to replace the tranny. the mechanic i have isnt sure if my car has a trans mounted speed sensor. I found one online with a speed sensor. what i am trying to find out is will the tranny work and if my speedometer will work if my original tranny doesnt have a trans...
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    02 P5 A/C issues, just looking for sum answers

    I have an 02 Protg5 and the ac blows cold, no problems there, but that's only on 1 on the dial, if I crank it up the ac light shuts off, is that normal?
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    Help, think just damaged my dash!!! suction mount

    call a detail shop they may b able to suggest something
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    In Search Of......

    well its already dropped pretty low, not sure what quality its is I know I need new rotors, sway bar links and sway bar bushings. maybe a rear strut support. not sure if that's what its called. it has MSR 17's on 205/40 so the stance looks good
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    In Search Of......

    I'm still learning this car. the previous owner had done some cool stuff to it. it has potential to b so much more. I plan on adding a system to it with 2 high powered 8's c I still wanna have a lil space in the back. Any suggestions on websites for affordable performance items?
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    In Search Of......

    yeah im pretty new to mazdas so I will take any suggestions. I work in a stereo shop and one of my co workers suggested I wrap my metal cold air in exhaust wrap because I may b robbing performance because of metal conduct heat. It has a stock exhaust with the heat shield. I have only owned it a...
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    In Search Of......

    Im also gonna add sum titanium exhaust wrap to a few things to help performance
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    Here's what an unemployed engineer does to his CX-5 sport!!!

    Sweet audio, wish all vehicles had that much room under the drivers seat. lol
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    ScratchNSniff's Protege5 Progress Thread...Lots of Pics...

    sweet P5, hey where did u get that DG carbon fiber interior and mirror kit at
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    New to the Mazda family

    sweet, hmu so we can chat about it
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    In Search Of......

    Ive thought of a chip. Ive done the intake already. Someone thinks I have a mazdspeed exhaust on it. Feels to have had a clutch. Ita already lowered. 205/40 17's on it. Hid fogs and headlights. Carbon fiber mazda speed grill and a cool stormtrooper shift knob