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    how about fitting 275/45/20? on the original rim?

    This is a all summer weather the year long, but 60 miles west you have the andes where u can climb all the way to 17000 feet from 0 feet ( where i live) sea side , the weather changes drastically temperature goes from 30 C to 5 C in a cpl of hours drive and you can go from dry to rainy...
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    how about fitting 275/45/20? on the original rim?

    Hello all and thanks for the comments all very useful and helped me make may decision so.... , I got some news, this morning I got the asymmetric 3 SUV 275/45/20 s on my stock rims, tried them out on the front first to see if there was enough space, there is a lot of space down there so no...
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    how about fitting 275/45/20? on the original rim?

    I have been looking for some new tires to replace the terrible bridgestone ecopias, so as i have already written about it ive been looking for a good performace tyre . seems in my country the 255 size isnt common and its expensive and with no good options. The good options come with 275/45/20...
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    Tires! Any advice on new tires for my CX-9?

    I decided towards a new option , although the size is different. goodyears assym 3 which i have in my s3 and have amazed me since the first day i got them . the size is 275/45/20. any comments on the size ,? are these to wide for the cx9 ?
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    Tires! Any advice on new tires for my CX-9?

    thanks alll for your replies , so i just asked about the contis and they are not marketed here on the size i need so thats it.. i think im between the dunlops and the falkens, ill make the decision tomorrow and will let you know my comments about the new tires compared to the Ecopias.
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    Newbie here!

    Hi, check the tires if they are ecopias, change them inmediately ! your loosing half the fun that cx9 has to offer due to those terrible tires. Other thing to check are the brakes, these warp quite easily and you might feel a constant vibration over 60mph which can be felt as a balancing...
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    Tires! Any advice on new tires for my CX-9?

    Im about to replace my cx9 tires, not because they are gone but because these Bridgestone Ecopia tires really suck , they feel rock hard when in uneven surfaces , a few days ago i compared my cx9 with another that had the falkens as OE , and the difference was amazing, not only in performance...
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    Vibration Issue 50+mph

    I have gone through that issue for 10,000 kms , even thought the tires were bad, ( Bridgestone Ecopias suck!!) at the end the problem was warped disc brakes, sounds silly because there was almost imperceptible vibration while braking but there was a constant vibration when i reached 62 mph...
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    Turbo: nobody home?

    I have 15k miles on my cx9 and never experienced this at all. It is true though that turbo are more efficient in cold weather, when in an extreme summer temperatures , turbo engines will loose a little performance but barely noticeable. I don't see any downsides on modern turbo engines...
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    Turbocharger information that was a bit alarming...

    It is true that any turbo that has been used in an effort reaches extreme temperatures, modern turbos will manage this a lot better than older ones but as anything that is heated up has to be cooled. Usually when ur arriving ur destination one slows down and the turbo has time to cool down. If...
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    16-17 owners ... what warranty work have you needed?

    computer of the car was changed due to a faulty barometer which made the cx9 "think" it was 5000 meters below sea level. believe me the dash looked like a christmas tree, hte second warranty was front disc brakes which were warped. i have hd no other issues
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    New tires. I like em.

    It has been now around 12k miles on my cx9, it came with the Bridgestones which i have to say they really are not the ideal tire for the cx9 which excels in handling as chassis and suspension concerns, where the weak point as said before are the tires. . the upside of the bridgestones is a...
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    I can spin the front tires on my AWD CX-9 .... is this normal for this AWD system?

    Torque steer is something that is common on the cx9 , i was surprised by it when i was trying it before purchasing it , then i realized that the cx9 has 310 tq at 2100 rpms so that is a huge amount of torque to handle , thats far more than any of the v6 competitors specially at 2100rpms. It is...
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    Dual Horsepower/dual octane ratings?

    as strange as it sounds, yes, the torque figure stays the same and the hp increases to 250. if your every day driving is in the city you will never notice the difference between the regular and 93 octane diff, but iit does make the difference in the upper band of the rpms. i use premium since my...
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    How is the 70-85 mph pull on the 2.5t CX-9?

    Hey all. i have been driving the cx9 for one year now, i cant be more satisfied for a big 7 seater family howler, its sporty, handles like anything else in its class and the 2.5t is an engine designed for a effortless drive at any speed . the top speed i have reached on the cx9 is 132 mph, the...
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    Anyone Here Get Their 2.5T Tuned Yet?

    Hey guys, I am ordering the front kit , 380mm slotted floating , with street pads. I have been recommended to use sport pads to be on the safe side on not getting any fade. seems the customer service is great, I have sent several questions and they were answered precisely and fast . itll be a...
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    CX-9 Owners - What Are The Optimal Shift Points?

    since I have the cx9 (8 months now) I have learnt how to drive it , its so much different than from other engines, normally aspirated and turbo engines even. the sweet spot of the engine for me is between 2.2krpm and 3.8krpm. once you manage to get the cx9 going in this range you will notice...
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    brakes upgrade

    True that the integrity of the rotor can be compromised by the drilling, unless you buy with no drills..seems like that will solve the problem on the other hand, the sopping power on cold rotors does not depend on the rotor but does with the pads u use and their coefficient of friction, you...
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    brakes upgrade

    PB brakes Dear all, just to let you know that PB brakes already has big brakes kits for the cx9, they seem quite fine to me, I will be purchasing the front 356 or 380mm ones and let you know how they go . any opinions regarding how big is the limit for the cx9 on 20 inch wheels...
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    2018 CX-9 Heavy Rain & Wet Road Handling - What Say You?

    hey sm1ke , I have mines at 34 all the time, ill get them to 37 at cold so lets see what happens, perhaps they get better, crossing fingers so I don't have to spend a bunch of money , ty