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    AutoExe Carbon Fiber Intake - Real deal JDM

    I rarely come on the forum. Please email me: if you are interested. For sale of my old Protege 5: AutoExe carbon fiber intake. Comes with K&N filter. Shipping will roughly be $15-$20 via USPS with tracking. Looking for $200 obo + shipping via Paypal (I'll take the 3%...
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    I'm alive... Parts for sale!

    Hey guys, I'm still alive. I ran into Mike and Joy also and got their number. They are back for 2 years and want to meet up again. He has an RX-8 now, full AutoExe kit... lol jp. He still has his truck. Anyway, give me a call or text if you are interested in the parts. Efren, no 50% prices...
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    Need my rims gone!

    Mazda owners, $850 Work Nezart Spoke 2s FIVE of them 205/40/17 +50 offset not produced anymore LMK! Chris
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    More items for sale, local only first

    Here are more items for sale: Hawaii members/long time friends will get dibs so I don't have to ship parts. DG Motorsports Carbon Fiber Headlight Overlay (SHOW USE ONLY) New $120 - Sale $60 _____________________ Upper Steering Wheel Cover. It has 2 drill holes in it from putting a...
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    MWTB: Front strut top mount

    New or used, Protege top mount for the front strut. Let me know!
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    Looking for stock parts Stock radiator brackets - PM replied/sent Stock horn - PM replied/sent Stock ebrake handle with rubber still on (gray) Stock front license plate holder Stock lower front grille for bumper Stock hood prop Stock car jack - PM replied/sent...
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    WTB: Random stock parts! Horn, Ebrake, Radiator Brackets, etc etc

    Want to buy ASAP: Stock radiator brackets - 808 Stock horn - 808 Stock ebrake handle with rubber still on (gray) - dub Stock front license plate holder - 808 Stock lower front grille for bumper - dub Stock hood prop - not sure if I still need it Stock car jack - msp Stock AC control unit (don't...
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    FREE: K-Sports, come get them

    Yes, free. 3 are blown and aren't in the best condition. Comes with all 4 pillow ball top mounts for camber adjustment. You get what you pay for, just pick it up from my house. It's about $100~ to replace each strut. Chris HAWAII ONLY!
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    Is it past midnight?

    Is it past midnight for anyone online right now? Please respond :D
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    Answer #5 FTW! - Protege Tire Size I was looking up stock tire size and I came across this. #5 was dead on accurate. (nana)
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    Mazda 6 Rims on a Pro 5? Will it fit? Do you guys think this will fit? Thanks, Chris
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    Bye bye Protege. Random photos

    How to spend Friday night, all Saturday and all Sunday... I didn't even get to buy Lich King yet :( These are taken from my iPhone: How many parts can you spot? Lets start cleaning. Yes, I am OCD. I removed the center panel to vacuum and clean! haha. Stock seats in. I actually like...
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    My loss, your gain (Suspension)

    Please Delete Mods, please delete. Thank you.
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    Car for Sale/Parting Out

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    HID Bulb HELP!

    I am really confused. I bought new bulbs since my bulbs burnt out. The base of the bulb (h7) is so thin. How did you guys mount this with the clip securely holding the bulb down? My old kit has a thick base (about 1/2" thick) and the clip holds the bulb in, but with this bulb, the clip...
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    Ash: Spare Parts?

    Ash, Do you guys still happen to have that P5 you were parting out? I need the rear seat belts, cushion, stock jack, and other little things. Hit me up on AIM or call me if anything. Thanks, Chris
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    Bay Area/San Fran members, please read.

    Hey, I was wondering if someone could help me. I was just laid off yesterday and I figured, I might as well try start anew since I am young. I want to try something new and be independent and move from Hawaii to California in search of a new job. How is the job market up there and rent...
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    OAHU ONLY: Christmas Raffle!

    HAWAII ONLY: Christmas Raffle! Hey guys, In the spirit of the holidays, Santa Ota will be making a raffle. Best of all, it is FREE!!! Just start a numbered list below and on Christmas day, I will randomly choose a number and select a winner to get the prize. It will be a HiBoost turbo kit...
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    New mods? Opinions please!

    Okay, here is the scenario: 3 weeks to HIN $1000 budget Ideas anyone? I am looking to add something to the car. Suspension/brakes/lines/rotors/rims - check lip/sides/wing/grill/hood/new paint job - check simple na mods - check seats/cf interior parts/steering wheel/knobs - check That is a...
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    Painting Door Sills?

    Help me decide! I will be taking my car in today to get it repainted and to get all the dings and dents removed. I am debating on paint the door sills Black Mica, as well at the lower plastic trim that sits on top of the door (the part that fades for most people). My car will be stock color...