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  1. Chris_Top_Her

    My RX4

    Coming Soon
  2. Chris_Top_Her

    Shell Rotella 5W30 (Gas engine) beats out Mobile One 5w30

    Project farm just released a new video today testing Mobile 1 vs Shell Rotella. I've been using the Shell for a few months now and have been happy with the performance(it's cheap too).
  3. Chris_Top_Her

    Diesel CX5 has landed in the USA

    Couple members of the cx5 club have sen them in dealerships. $42k msrp.
  4. Chris_Top_Her

    This is why I have a strut tower bar.

    Noticed this as I was disconnecting the battery to weld a socket on a stuck bolt (which I failed at and hurt my finger grabbing the hot socket later lol). There is a crack over the spot weld of that little bracket, which is attached to the shock tower. The brackets sole purpose is to act as an...
  5. Chris_Top_Her

    Brake kits

    Tired of dealing with warp/fade that I've been getting from OEM and OEM style rotors. I was going to get some ebc but they were like $430... i found these for $190 shipped. I haven't had problems with this company before, I think it'll suit my needs (high speeds lots of stop and go). Power Sport
  6. Chris_Top_Her

    Orange Virus Tuning is continuing Mazda (tuning)

    Too much demand, Mazda tuning is available again. Includes 2.5T. Also Corksport has 2.5T mods now.
  7. Chris_Top_Her

    New Year, New Projects

    What are you guys looking forwards to this year for mods? Where are all of our KF chassis owners who are modding?
  8. Chris_Top_Her

    Car and Driver 2019 CX5 article.

    Here you go boys. 6.2 second 0-60 stock. They mentioned stability control messing up skidpad testing but I mean I wouldn't expect much from some 225 tires lol.
  9. Chris_Top_Her

    Boost Pressure 2.5T

    Has anyone with a 2.5t read any boost pressure/MP data with an obd2 interface and an app? Having a hard time finding numbers on what kind of boost pressure the engine makes at any RPM/gear.
  10. Chris_Top_Her

    Corksport TMM available for all cx5.

    Upgrade your mount (or replace a hydraulic one).
  11. Chris_Top_Her

    Live 2019 Mazda 3 Reveal

    Reveal starting shortly <iframe width="480" height="270" src="" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen frameborder="0" style="border: 0 none transparent;"></iframe>
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    Live 2019 Mazda3 Reveal

    Reveal starting shortly <iframe width="480" height="270" src="" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen frameborder="0" style="border: 0 none transparent;"></iframe>
  13. Chris_Top_Her

    Black Friday sales

    Hey I know some of you are trying to buy car parts for Christmas. Instead of chrome addons and floor mats, check out these for some big boi mods (stash). Corksport JBR...
  14. Chris_Top_Her

    AEM Drylow vs OEM filter.

    Here is the follow up to a question that came up here by Unobtanium A few days ago I removed the SRI and put the AEM back on for max low end torques. I reflashed the ecu...
  15. Chris_Top_Her

    Happy Veterans/Armistice/Rememberance Day

    (cheers) to those those serving and who have served Where's all our member vets? I only know of Tibimaki and (?Broadandkramer?)
  16. Chris_Top_Her

    Sunroof Switch requires excessive force to avticate (any position)

    A few weeks ago my sunroof would not close. I was getting pissed because I was headed to work. Eventually I was able to get it to close by apply a lot of force (the button popped off in the process). it's still useable, but it's a real PITA because I'm literally have to push hard enough to...
  17. Chris_Top_Her

    Motorweek 2018 Mz6 Segment

  18. Chris_Top_Her

    Sub Forum cleaning Please read!

    Hi, I will be slowly cleaning up this mess of a how to sub forum.. this section is for posting how-to guides. So if you see a thread missing, either search for the name or look in the sub forum relating to the thread topic. Some older/dead threads will just be deleted.
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    Flood Bag for you guys underwater

    In light of current events, I just wanted to share this with those who may be at risk of flood loss. It's a flood bag for a car but you could also put other stuff in it like furniture etc.
  20. Chris_Top_Her

    2015 CX5 2.5 AWD Transmission took a dump

    On Thursday the aug 24 I was leaving a taco joint. As I pulled out the parking lot onto the street and revved, I heard a "whir" and then clunking. I immediately let off the gas and parked nearby. I was certain I had spun a rod bearing. I dumped about a half qt of oil I had in the boot into the...