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    WTB: 17" OEM Alloys for '12 Mazda 3

    The original Bridgestone tires are getting noisier as they wear, apparently a common problem, and starting to bother me a lot. So I thought I would like to upsize to 17's while I'm at it. Don't care for the style of most of the aftermarket wheels available, but I'm okay with most of the OEM...
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    Thule Roof Rack for 2012 M3 Hatchback - No Longer Available

    Thule Roof Rack for 2012 M3 Hatchback For sale is roof rack for 2012 Mazda 3 hatchback. This is the sturdy square steel bar rack made by Thule with Mazda printed on it, everything except the 3M paint protector tape pieces. I've replaced it with something a bit more aerodynamic and want to...
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    A Better Mouse Trap

    Back in March, one morning I tried to get heat in the cab of my '12 M3, and instead got the sound of stuff being sucked into the fan followed by severe dashboard vibration. Mice has built a nest in the heater using chewed fiber from the cabin air filter, and stocked their larder with acorns and...
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    12M3 How Deeply Buried the Blower Fan?

    Today I cranked the heater fan up to notch 3 to get some quick heat into the cab, and heard the fan suck something in that sounded like maybe a leaf. So now the dash vibrates badly with any fan setting above 1, although it still works. How deeply buried is the fan? Is there a duct, cover...
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    Local Dealer Dropping Mazda

    Well, I'm a little bummed out. The local dealer where I bought my M3 is dropping Mazda, only handling another brand that I won't mention. So now it's an hour drive or more to the nearest dealer - quite a deconvenience. There goes my dream of owning a red Miata. And there goes Mazda's dream...
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    Opinions on Bridgestone Ecopia Tires for 2012 M3iT?

    Hey gang, I am considering Bridgestone Ecopia (low rolling resistance) tires for my 2012 M3iT. My priorities are high efficiency and quiet ride, I am not a racer. They don't come in 40 or 45 aspect, so I would have to go with 17" rims instead of the 18" that I wanted, but the rims I like are...
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    Magnetic Drain Plug, '12 3i 2.0 Skyactiv

    Thinking about adding a magnetic oil drain plug to my '12 3i 2.0. Have found candidates from NRG and Project Mu, but don't know my thread size. I guess I can measure the threads next time I change the oil, but it would be nice if I could have the new plug ready to go. Anyone know the thread...
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    M3 Squirrelly Behavior on Ice

    Had my first icy road experience with my new M3 the other day, and scared the crap out of me. I wasn't expecting great things from the wide low profile tires, but didn't expect it to be nearly this bad. Every time one of the tires would hit a little ice, the car wanted to change direction...
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    WTB 15 Inch Steel Wheels for 2nd Gen M3 near NW OH USA

    WTB 15 Inch Steel Wheels for 2012 M3 near NW OH USA Wanted - 15 Inch steel wheels to build Winter tire set for 2012 Mazda 3, close enough for me to pick up, avoiding expensive shipping. NW Ohio USA
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    GROM USB Adapter - Anyone Using?

    Was looking at GROM USB adapter, maybe for my 2012 M3iT5D. Anyone have one of these, care to tell me a bit about it?
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    What to Do About Headrest?

    Just got back from my first long trip, just under 600 miles both ways. Averaged 36.6 mpg in spite of a couple areas of stop-and-go, I am reasonably pleased with that. My neck is stiff and sore from being constantly pushed farther forward than it wants to be by the head restraint. So far this...
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    TPMS - How Many Wheels?

    Thinking about getting a full size spare. How many wheels does the TPMS system keep track of? Will it detect all five and keep track of them, or maybe just find four, or will it get totally confused?
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    Keys Fobs Options for 2012 M3?

    Have a 2012 hatchback, came with the "switchblade" keys with remote lock/unlock/panic. Gathering information about what keys and/or fobs will work with this system. I want the immobilizer disabled, but would like to keep the remote lock/unlock/panic. Local tech says we could clear all the keys...
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    Vendor Suggestions for Steel Wheels?

    I'm researching steel wheels for my 3i hatchback. I'm aware of, but wanted to get some input from the group on other vendors I might want to consider for comparison or options. Who have you dealt with and who do you like?
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    How to Remove Hockey Puck Satellite Antenna?

    New 3i hatchback came with satellite radio, which I don't want. Hockey puck antenna looks like it is glued on. Anyone know a way to remove it without damaging the paint?
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    15 Inch Wheels for 2012 M3 Hatch?

    The original 16" alloy wheels are obviously fine for fair weather good pavement, but I'd like to have a different setup for slop and chuckholes. I'm pretty sure the 16" steel wheels from the SV/Sport will fit, but the brake calipers look like they have gobs of extra clearance and I'm wondering...