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  1. Antoine

    Poll: Do you want the Mazda BT-50 available in the US?

    Came across this article from CNET... Apparently Mazda is gauging interest...😮
  2. Antoine

    2020 Mazda3 Brake Caliper Recall

    It appears only one percent have this defect but in any case, you should be able to visit a Dealer for inspection before receiving a recall letter. Full details... Recalled: 2020 Mazda3 and Mazda CX-30 built between Oct. 22, 2019 and March 06, 2020 Issue: Front Brake Caliper bolts may become...
  3. Antoine

    2020 CX-30 Brake Caliper Recall

    It appears only one percent have this defect but in any case, you should be able to visit a Dealer for inspection before receiving a recall letter. Full details... Recalled: 2020 Mazda CX-30 and Mazda3 built between Oct. 22, 2019 and March 06, 2020 Issue: Front Brake Caliper bolts may become...
  4. Antoine

    Poll: What's the main reason you became a Mazdas247 Member?

    Please let us know via the Poll and this thread, everyone's feedback would be greatly appreciated, thanks! * You can choose up to 3 reasons.
  5. Antoine

    Show us your CX-30

    Pic threads are always fun especially when people get creative and or showcase new accessories, upgrades, wheels etc...It would be great to get one going for the CX-30. Although I don't personally have one (would love one though), I can start this thread off with some of my own pics from Osaka...
  6. Antoine

    Mazda Toyota Manufacturing Hiring Website

    Came across this if anyone is interested...I believe it's the official hiring website for the upcoming Mazda Toyota Manufacturing plant in Huntsville, Alabama. According to the website... "Our facility is expected to create 4,000 Jobs and will build 300,000 vehicles a year, beginning in 2021."...
  7. Antoine

    MX-30 starting production in Japan

    Came across this article from CNET...It appears the MX-30 is destined to go on sale in Europe this fall while its American destiny is still uncertain. They did mention the concern over range but that it might be alleviated by a possible Rotary Powered Range Extender...
  8. Antoine

    Mazdas247 Posting Guidelines

    Posting Guidelines Purpose of these Guidelines The Mazdas247 Community is a unique venue where Mazda enthusiasts worldwide come together to share their love of the brand and their knowledge with each other. While this venue provides an opportunity for Members to connect with each other on a...
  9. Antoine

    257HP Corolla coming to the U.S.? Mazda, where's ours?

    I just posted a thread on our partner site, about the likely-hood of a 257HP GR Corolla arriving on U.S. shores in the future...Here's the link... Clearly Toyota is serious about offering more...
  10. Antoine

    Become a Mazdas247 Patron

    After some thought and a few requests, I've decided to create our own "Patron" program. This program provides Members with a way to have a Display Ad-Free experience (while logged-in) and support Mazdas247 at the same time. The reality is Mazdas247 requires Ad Revenue to not only survive but...
  11. Antoine

    Poll: What attracts you to the CX-30?

    There's no doubt that the CX-30 has been a successful new model launch for Mazda. I'd love to know what exactly attracts people to the new model and for those of you that already purchased one, the reasons why...Let us know by casting your vote and posting your thoughts, thanks! Ps...Multiple...
  12. Antoine

    Fourth Gen Mazda3 wins World Car Design of the Year

    * Image Source: World Car Awards Congratulations, Mazda! Interesting to see what other cars the Mazda3 was up against...The Peugeot 208, Porsche Taycan, Alpine A110S and the CX-30!
  13. Antoine

    What have you bought for your Mazda from Amazon?

    Genuine OEM parts? Accessories? Wheels? Cargo Liners? Infotainment Upgrades? Floor Mats? Exterior Enhancements? Performance Parts? I'm really curious to know after working on a new Resource regarding genuine OEM parts available through Amazon. So please let us know, this thread would be a...
  14. Antoine

    Poll: Interested in the fourth gen Mazda3?

    Is it just me or is the new fourth generation Mazda3 really eye catching, especially the hatchback version. I can’t help but notice them here in Japan and I love how the wheels are painted to match the body color. This got me wondering how much interest is there in the fourth gen Mazda3? Let...
  15. Antoine

    Mazdas247 Membership Benefits

    Hi and welcome to the Mazdas247 Community! Membership is free and includes the following benefits... Participate in discussions Post questions, experiences and polls Ask for help and or help fellow Members Get to know Mazda enthusiasts and make new friends Use "@ Username" in your posts and...
  16. Antoine

    What have you done to your Garage today?

    For those of you that have a Garage (myself not included sadly), what have you done to it today? Reorganized your tools? Installed a workbench? Put up car and or racing memorabilia? Made a mess doing maintenance on your Mazda? :ROFLMAO: Let us know and post pics, thanks! 📸
  17. Antoine

    Poll: Did you choose the CX-9 over a European SUV?

    Posted a similar thread in the CX-5 section and it has already produced great responses and poll results...I'm equally interested to know what CX-9 Owners think of European SUVs (Benz, BMW, Audi, Jaguar, Volvo etc). How many CX-9 Owners were seriously considering a European SUV but were...
  18. Antoine

    Poll: Did you choose the CX-5 over a German SUV?

    Inspired by a thread @Avoidin Deer posted in the Lounge regarding Mazda sales in the Middle East...I’m very curious as to how many CX-5 Owners were seriously considering a German SUV (Benz, BMW, Audi etc) but were ultimately sold on the CX-5. Cast your vote and post your reasons and thoughts...
  19. Antoine

    Japanese Mazda2 / Demio Race car

    Mazda Japan had this mean machine on display at Automesse in Osaka earlier this year. It's not everyday you see an actual Mazda2 race car so I had to check it out and take a few pics...Enjoy! 📸 😁 Thanks for taking a look...To see and or upload your own Mazda pics, check out our new...
  20. Antoine

    ND MX-5 Mazda MX-5 (Roadster) Race car in Japan

    Mazda Japan had an actual race car (two in fact) at the Automesse in Osaka earlier this year which was cool to see...I snapped a few pics of the Roadster (as they call it here) race car and as you can see, this ND is all business! Yes, that's a stuffed animal...It's Japan, nuff' said...