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    Firmware update(s) and how to steps

    Just wondering if anyone has links to how to update my 2018 cx-9 firmware
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    OEM Crossbars - Pain in the butt

    Anyone else find the OEM cross bars to be a pain in the butt to install? It took me about 45 minutes, I remember seeing other ppl say it took that long too. The T30 key they give you sucks, and is basically useless for the rear bar. Even with my 1/4" driver socket , an extension, and a t30 torx...
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    Passenger Fuse Box

    Hi all I installed some foot well lighting in my cx-9, and currently have it wired into my sunroof fuse (10amp) but it doesn't turn off when my car turns off. I'm wondering if people know which fuse I can tap (has to be 10 or 15amp) that would turn the foot well lights off with the car...
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    CX9 / CX5 Redesign?

    I got an email from Mazda today and they are unveiling something new at the New York International Auto show tomorrow at 12pm. There is a teaser picture, which looks like the tail light of a cx9 or cx5. Needless to say super stoked to see what the next gen redesign will be, I'm def in love...
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    Chrome Delete?

    Just curious if any other members on here think there is far too much chrome on the cx-9? I have a 2018 CX-9 GT Deep Crystal Blue and I really hate how much chrome is on it lol. I just ordered everything I need to vinyl wrap some chrome pieces and just delete them, def will like the black on...
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    Pastidip Chrome Trim

    Hi all, my next project I want to do in the spring is to debadge some of the stuff on the trunk and I'm also debating about plastidipping some of the chrome trim too. I have a crystal blue car with the windows tinted and a 6" brow on the windshield. I love the blue but IMO I feel there is just...
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    Trailer hitch

    Looking to possibly install a trailer hitch and also buy a small trailer for pulling my small smoker with me. Looking for recommendations
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    Diamond Car Mats !!!

    I used their mats in my mercedes gla250 and really loved them so I ordered a set for my cx-9. Went with the stripe pattern this time instead of the diamonds, in the dark brown so it offsets my beige leather seats. Today is also the last day of their sale, if you use BLACKFRIDAY it costs $172...
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    K&N Filter

    installed this filter into my intake today https://www.knfilters.com/air-filters/cars-and-trucks/33-3024-replacement-air-filter will let you know if i see any difference. If i don't notice really anything, ill probably be swapping the whole intake out for the corksports
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    Corksport exhaust

    Wondering if anyone has one installed on their cx-9? Seems pretty awesome just kinda $$ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBPiEQxaXXg
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    Corksport intake?

    Just wondering if anyone has ordered and installed it on their cx-9 yet, I'm getting a bonus so I may do it to my car lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBPiEQxaXXg
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    Help!! None of my lights on the back of my car work at night!!

    Just got this car 3 months ago, 2018 CX-9 Grand Touring. I did swap the license plate bulb and that was it. On my way home tonight i got pulled over by the cops and they told me none of my lights on the back end of my vehicle work, but the break light does work.
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    I have the Blue Mica 2018 CX-9 and I'm considering de-badging the back so it looks cleaner. I'm all about minimalism and simplicity, which is why all the chrome on the outside kinda drives me insane lol. Just curious has anyone removed all the badges or know which badges I can and can't remove...
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    Peel and Stick Dash Kits?

    Anyone have any luck with a good brand of them, I've run into an issue with the Rvinyl.com one's I purchased, they suck. I cleaned and then used the 3m primer and it still bubbled, and this is after trying it a second time. The glue was a pain in the butt too to get off, so I tried GlueGone...
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    Snowboard Roof Rack?

    Just wondering what people use on their cx-9's . Looking into getting a roof rack for my own car but there are so many options. I'm also confused does the car come stock with rails, or do I have to buy rails because I thought those silver pieces running parallel to one another on the roof were...
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    New CX-9 GT Owner :D

    Hi all ended up getting a 2018 CX-9 GT from the dealer for $37,000. The new 2019's seem cool and all but the "re-tuned suspension" really put me off so figured I'd save a little. I'm already planning to tint the car and add a 6" brow on the front Ceramic coating Car Guys leather protection...
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    2018 Dome and Map Lights

    Can someone tell me what size dome and map lights are in the '18 I want to swap them out for blue or Amber LEDs
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    Thoughts on getting a '18 Signature

    The dealer told me they were willing to sell me a cx9 signature for $41,800ish , my trade in value is $21,000ish for a 2015 Mercedes GLA250 (26,000miles on it.) Would love to hear some thoughts on if this is a good deal or not. I have two dogs and also drive back and forth to the airport a...
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    Im considering the Mazda6 as well as CX-9. I like sedans more than suvs but i do like the cx-9. My question is does anyone have two medium size dogs on here and own one of the newer Mazda6's ? I have two Australian Shepherds one is 64lbs the other is 50lbs. Currently have a cross over...