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    FD RX7 Rims

    Getting close to post some FD RX7 rims on ebay, unless there is interest here i could post proper pics and such later tonight. I unlike most would ship them inside the US. after further review maybe 6.5 or 7 out of ten. great for used rims.
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    Summer Parts Sale

    I will be posting a variety of things if you dont think my prices are fair please send me a PM with an offer. Vibrant Ebrake handle Cover i was told t woudl fit a 3rd gen but never actually installed it. sold RX7 FC Steering Wheel great condition no discoloration. $25 shipped its missing...
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    Variety of 3rd gen Parts

    I just sold my MP3 so i need to sell the following parts. Prices do not include shipping. I will consider offers guage holder 45 bucks (never installed) like new MSP/MP3 drawer 30 bucks
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    MSP Rim to a Mazda3 Rim

    Well i have a 01 MP3 first, but with new suspension and the MSP Racing Harts, i plan on sellingmy car at some point and want to keep the racing harts, so i jsut found a set of mazda 3 5 spoke rims, for cheep. question is will they work for me? the rims area 17x6.5 with a 52.5 offset. Oh and...
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    Tough Times for the Vtech Crowd.

    Well i had to post this up, as i thought it was hilarious.
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    MS3 and no sunroof

    Well I am at work with no time to really search for an answer, so maybe someone can help out, why didnt Mazda give a sunroof option for the Mazdaspeed3? Seems like every other Mazda has the option or is that something you could add on if buying a new one, but it of course doesnt show that...
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    WTB Racing Hart Center Cap

    I am looking for one or two more racing hart center caps. must be in good shape. Pics and prices appreciated.
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    mazda3 rim question

    I am thinking about putting a set of the mazda 3 17's on my mp3 for the winter, (dont want to hurt my racingharts) anyways anyone know what the off set is on them? Thanks Matt
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    Mazda 3 rim question

    I am thinking about putting a set of the mazda 3 17's on my mp3 for the winter, (dont want to hurt my racingharts) anyways anyone know what the off set is on them? Thanks Matt
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    WTB: Mirror cover/tweeter covers.

    i would like a good set of the tweeters from a MSP. i need both of them as complete as possible with as uch wiring as possible. let me knwo what you have and pics will help as well.
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    Replaced an E-Brake Handle?

    I am looking for some pictures of aftermarket E-brake handles on a protege. Also any advise you have on them. Thanks Matt If it helps, i will be putting in either a short shifter with the Mazdaspeed knob on soon so I am hoping ot find one to match accordingly. I wondier if the mazdaspeed...
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    need help with front swaybar end links

    well one of mine was busted the other ones bolt was stripped, so I need some advise one how to take the stock one off the sway bar. its still on the car so i need to remove it where it is. any advise is appreciated. I will also be replacing these, and after reading various information on...
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    Esperlir Springs

    Where is the best place to get a set. Cheepest i have found is 196 plus shipping.
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    Which struts for MSP/MP3 springs

    Which struts can be used with the MSP/MP3 springs (yes I know there is a difference between them). But i have both teh MP3 and MSP srpings now, but i need struts. Will the Tokico HP's work? Thanks Matt
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    MP3 in oregon

    its not mine jsut thought i would post it up here. http://eugene.craigslist.org/car/709378578.html
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    not mine but semi local MP3

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    not mine but local

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    endlinks for my Mp3

    Well I am not sure yet, but dont want to be caught off guard. I am going to be getting new struts/springs, and I got the clunk fix as well, but I had heard that its good to replace the endlinks as well because they usually break upon removal. can anuone advise me the best place to get these...
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    WTB GT Spec Braces

    LEt me know what you have at a good deal. Thanks Matt
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    How to put the MSP sub in a MP3

    Well i assume the rear deck is similar, but i am thining the mounting points are different. can somebody please post up a bunch of pics of the under side of there MSP rear lid so I can make some compairisions. Thanks Matt