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    Hypertech power programmer; COBB sri; Saikou Michi oil catchcan kit

    Everything sold UPDATE: ALL ITEMS IN THIS THREAD SOLD! Thanks for interest and buying my stuff! Mods please close the thread. Thx!
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    different versions of AP for '07-'08 and '09?

    hi. maybe a silly question, but are there different physical units for those years, or were they unified by firmware? i know that recently the cali and fed. became the same through firmware. thanks.
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    please take a look at my AP log

    Hi. Just bought the AP few weeks ago and installed the stage1 v105 + SRI + 93. As everyone said, it transformed the car tremendously! (bow) but being a noob i'm pretty concerned about the new behavior. Namely, i see instant, full boost in low rpms, ~2700, just barely stepping on the throttle...
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    Killer deal on a COBB SRI on eBay

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Cobb-Tuning-SF-Short-Ram-Intake-System-Mazdaspeed-3_W0QQitemZ150412217748QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_100?hash=item2305444d94 and barely used, too. enjoy :)
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    WTB: boost gauge tubing kit (tube + t-fitting)

    Hi. Bought an electric boost gauge, came with a sensor but no t-splitter or tube (notcool) Anybody has some spares, or maybe knows where to get these? Not sure about the diameter; I hope it's standard :) Thanks.
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    FS: cig. lighter panel w/hole, oem shifter boot, ventpod

    Hello. Have a few items I won't be using. Prices include shipping in the U.S. 1. Cig. lighter/ashtray panel with a hole for a 52mm gauge; bought from a member on the other forum, but ultimately went with pillar pod - SOLD 2. OEM shifter boot, one year old, perfect condition; now using the one...
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    different take on badges... or is it?

    hey all. don't know if anybody went this route before? i placed some red electrical tape on the holes from the 'm' and slapped the badge on that. i think it cleans up the back nicely. tell me what you think (don't blast me too hard, i'm sensitive :))