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  1. J

    1991 Multi-Colored Turbo Miata

    See latest FS pics here: http://imgur.com/a/yePa0 Price is $6k or best offer, and includes the car, hardtop, second set of wheels/tires, old soft-top frame, spare transmission, and any number of spare parts the buyer might want (I have quite the collection). I also have a set of completely...
  2. J

    Bought a MK2 MR2

    I just picked up a 1991 NA MR2 for my fiance's engagement present/another sports car I really like. Main points: The bad -Needs paint -Needs the rocker fixed -Needs ignition coil and wires -A few niggly little issues The good 103k miles! Brand new drilled/slotted brake rotors with EBC pads...
  3. J

    Bilstein HD vs Bilstein Sport vs Koni FSD

    Debating shock choices for my 2009 MS3 GT, otherwise on stock suspension but my shocks are starting to piss shock oil everywhere. I've read good things about all of these shocks. I like the technology in the FSD, but I also like the durability of the bilstein shocks and the monotube design...
  4. J

    Track day: WTF is happening to my dash?

    At an Auto-X this weekend a very peculiar thing started happening to my Miata: if I launched hard (4-5k rpm) my dash fuse would blow near the 1-2 shift. If I launched under 4k it would be fine. No shorting out under extreme braking or lateral acceleration. It's probably a short somewhere, but...
  5. J

    To Miata or not to Miata?

    I might have a chance to pick up a 1994 Miata on the cheap and I wanted some opinions about which would be more fun to track: a 1994 Miata or my 2009 MS3. I don't care TOO much about placing well, I just want to have some fun.
  6. J

    What should I do?

    I just installed a CP-e tow plate and now I have two holes in the front of my car with nothing there. I was wondering what I could do with them, I could replace the plastic part to eliminate the holes, or I could make something to bolt into the empty space like a water-jetted or machined bit of...
  7. J

    :o really stupid question...

    I am trying to burn an MP3 CD for my 2009 MS3 GT, but none of the discs work. I've tried using just a generic window's burn program in vista. Is there some trick or stupid thing I'm missing?
  8. J

    FIRST Robotics

    I coach a FIRST robotics team, that I was on in HS. We design and build robots in 6weeks for an international competition. We've got our 'bot up and running two weeks early, here's a video of it driving with Mecanum wheels and kicking a soccer ball around (part of the game)...
  9. J

    What project car should I get?

    I really like my MS3, it's a fun DD and it can kick some serious ass if it needs to. But when it comes to racing I'm very much a purist, the best car I've ever driven was the rear engine rwd car in my avatar. Unfortunately I can't drive her anymore because I'm not longer in FSAE (graduated...
  10. J

    Any skiers out there? Alpine, XC skate/classical?

    I do all three of the above when I get the chance! Anyone else out there like to ski? What skis do you have/like? Favorite alpine area(s)? Favorite XC trails? Ever race any of the above? I'll go first. For alpine I have Volkl Super-Sports and two sets of p-60s (one set for rock skis)...
  11. J

    Lightest wheels available? Wheel CAD model?

    I've got a project at work where I need to design some super light-weight performance wheels. I mean absurdly light. My goal for the project is an 18"x8" wheel that's in the 15lb range. I'd like to see what the lightest wheels currently available are. Cost is no option here... I want to see...
  12. J

    What have you hauled in your MS3 today?

    I got my MS3 so that I'd have a sports car with some utility. I think it would be interesting to see how people use their MS3. Last weekend I hauled 45 skis with mine, and two weeks prior a 40" TV!
  13. J

    MSD Dashhawk "Instantaneous Power" readout

    The instant power readout seems to be pretty sophistocated in terms of how it calculates the power your car is putting down, but apparently my car with only a few intake mods is good for ~370 crank HP, which seems unreasonably high to me. Before anyone asks I wasn't spinning out or seeing wheel...
  14. J

    WTB: stupid piece of plastic

    I was a bit clumsy in my removal of an interior panel and broke off a dinky piece of plastic and the plastic snap rivet that holds in the interior panel near the clutch pedal (hand) Does anyone know of a place/person that might have an extra?
  15. J

    WTB: MSD Dashhawk

    Make me an offer. I can PP money immediately.
  16. J

    Chopped shifter/DIY Short throw shifter

    The long and short of it is that I wanted a lower shifter, but not by as much as the AEM shifters I could find. I wanted about a 3/4" drop and all the ones I could find were 1.5" or greater. So I bought an OEM shift lever, cut a section of it out and welded it back together. I shortened the...
  17. J

    WTB: Turbo Inlet, Forge BPV, Colder NGK Plugs

    Like the title says, I'm looking to buy: Turbo inlet (2.5") Forge BPV Found Set of step-colder NGK plugs (new). I figured I'd try the forums before buying new. PM or post with offers!
  18. J

    GI For titanium shifter parts

    From my project thread "An Obscene Use of Titanium" http://www.mazdas247.com/forum/showthread.php?t=123754655 Please read for details! Important posts are #1 and #30. I would like to gauge the potential interest in making a set of titanium short-throw shifter plates with inertia-matched...
  19. J

    ETS TMIC Review

    I recently put an ETS TMIC (available at protegegarage.com) on my 2009 MS3 GT. The installation was pretty easy, I didn't have any instructions because I got mine used, but it was very clear where everything went. Took me about 30 minutes from start to finish. It appears to have excellent...
  20. J

    An obscene use of titanium

    So I heard a lot of good things about after market shifter weights and decided that I should get one. When I realized what they were and where they went I thought "well crap, that's easy!" So I dug through some metal scrap at my job and found a nice chunk of 1/2" 6Al-4V titanium plate ;) Using...