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    Alamo1's Forged Engine Build

    After quite some time the P5 needed some TLC. She was blowing some smoke from the exhaust, so I decided to do a compression test. #'s 2&4 were 20psi lower than they should have been at 140psi. This was the cause Excessive detonation!
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    FS: OEM & Aftermarket/Modified Parts

    Check out these parts. All prices are USD. All prices are OBO. Shipping is not included. Reply in the thread or PM me for shipping quotes. I will ship everything via CanadaPost/USPS since they are the cheapest. I can quote other carriers if needed. PAYPAL only for mail orders, cash for local...
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    WTB/LF OEM MSP Oil cooler w/ lines

    As the title states. Show me what ya got!
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    Fs-de oil pump

    Immaculate FS-DE 2.0 oil pump. Just came off my running car. I swapped it for the coated DocB oil pump. Has been run through an automatic parts cleaner to make it squeaky clean. This thing is in awesome shape. Great for doing the DocB upgrade seen here...
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    Mp3 ecu

    MP3 ECU - Flashed by SpicyorangeMSP. This thing will add some PEP to your stock Protege or P5. Only takes 15 mins to install. Will only work for 5 speed, not automatic. I loved it. The butt dyno noticed the gains. SOLD Paypal - tommythompson51@hotmail.com
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    Protege5 Taillights

    Altezza lights, what more can I say. SOLD Paypal only to tommythompson51@hotmail.com
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    OEM Canadian Roof Rack w/ goodies

    This roofrack is for a Canadian Protege5 and will work on any Protege from 99-03. Not sure if it will work on any other model. I have a truck now so I no longer need the carrying capabilities of the rack. Bars are the same as Thule and will accept any Thule accessories. All the locks work and...
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    Altezza Tails

    Hey, These tail lights are in good condition. I got them from a local P5 guy and ran them for a while. NEW PRICE - $75 Shipped
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    Stock P5 Wheels with New tires

    I bought these tires last summer right before I found a set of MP3 17's. I bought them for 800 canadian. The have been run for less than a month. They are great tires just not needed anymore. Tires are Falken Ziex 195/50R16 84V. Rims are stock Mazda 16x6 I will sell for 650USD + shipping...
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    Alamo1's P5-T Build

    Hey. I have been here a while but never introduced myself. I have had my 2002 Midnight blue P5 since December of '08. I love this little car and starting a job at a turbocharger shop in october of '08 has put the turbo itch under my skin. So far I have done the mods in my sig and plan for a...
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    WTB: BPV or BOV that can be converted to recirc

    Hey all. I only have a few more needs for my turbo kit. I have a GT2560R and plan on starting at stock boost. Please post if you have something I may be interested in. thanks
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    FS: Stock MSP Springs

    I'll blow these out for cheap. I'm looking for 19.99 USD + shipping. I bought them used and don't know how many miles but they are in good shape. I didn't like the way my P5 rear-end looked with them. SOLD!
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    GT2860RS Help...

    Hey guys and gals, I know what turbo I want to run but I'm just looking for the general agreement of all of you. Who is running that turbo with the 0.64 A/R exhaust housing, and who is running the 0.84? I know that the smaller will allow me to spool earlier in the RPM and will also increase...