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    What size are the front and rear rotors?

    I picked up a 1st gen Mazda6 wagon, and the rotors, esp rears, look tiny. W/o removing wheels, they look like 11" up front and 10.5" in the back. The rotors in the Mazda5 seemed much larger and to fill the 17" wheel almost entirely. OK, so if they ARE bigger, any idea if they can be swapped out?
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    6 speed AT in 1st gen

    I understand this is an AW tranny that takes a different fluid than the near-universal Dextron/Mercon or Type-F. I also have heard its not pink. Is there any instance it would be pink? Besides when someone puts the wrong stuff in, I mean?
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    05 Mazda6 GT wagon

    Looking at one of these. 204K miles. Any common issues to be aware of or look out for? I posted in the suspension/brakes forum because the LF bearing howls so loudly that I cannot hear if there are any other bad sounds. Hence, I am asking for clues to other issues since I can't hear them...
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    Wheel bearing

    Lost 2 cars in 1 incident Saturday, so I just looked at an 05 Mazda6 GT wagon. Immediately clear was that it needs a LF wheel bearing. It was so loud that I couldn't hear anything else so I don't know if there are any other issues with the 204,000 mile car. It looks like these need to be...
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    Looking into picking up a CX-9

    Been gone for a year and a half since I handed the keys to the MAzda5 over to the MIL. Anyway, I see an 08 Touring within my search radius and I have to ask is the first couple years as bad as the 06-07 Mazda5s were?
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    Need to sell the Mazda5

    OK, I have to sell my 06 MT. Moving across the country and not enough drivers to get all the vehicles there. Kinda sucks because I have a real appreciation for this thing even though it is moderately underpowered. Brand new clutch, too. Sucks.
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    What is this thing?

    First of all, we need a chassis/body subforum. But since this is about something close to the RF wheel, I think this is as close as I can get. My MIL had the Mazda5 and something about grandkids, a telephone pole used as a parking block and mumble mumble, I learn that the front bumper cover got...
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    Need help diagnosing a no-start situation

    2 weeks ago I put the Mazda5 up on ramps to replace the water pump b/c I thought it was weeping and was about to fail. It was not the pump, but the thermostat housing, which I took care of after removing the alternator and the tensioner and tightening the WP back down after failing to pull it...
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    Anyone DIY the starter?

    My coolant leak cascaded into a battery AND starter. Funny how the car was in fine running condition a week ago when I put it up to look at the water pump. Anyway, I am only halfway through the starter swap because the thing is buried behind coolant hoses, wire looms and assorted useless...
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    2.3l water pump

    Looks like my water pump is on the way out. How hard is it to replace? Does it really just slide into the housing or does the whole housing have to come off the block?
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    Water Pump replacement - what's this job like?

    I have an older thread about the smell of coolant. Well, changed the oil Saturday and since I had to remove the "skid plate" I saw where all this water has been going. I followed the dried water trail back to the pump, but from what I could see, it looks buried in there pretty well. Anyone do...
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    Leather steering wheel

    Got this great wheel for my Mazda5 recently. All was great until I pulled my airbag. Ruh Roh! Connectors in the wrong place and the screws for attachment for the airbag don't line up with my airbag. Needless to say I am bummed. Also needless to say that's why its here. I like to be...
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    5sp MT owners: how long is your clutch lasting?

    Hi, Mazda5 owner, but since there are so few Mazda5s out there and fewer manuals, I hoped some feedback from over here would also help me a bit. So its been 10 years and 89K mi, and I think I am beginning to get slippage on the friction surface. Is this a normal time frame or a bit premature...
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    MT owners: how long has the original clutch lasted?

    So its been 10 years and 89K mi, and I think I am beginning to get slippage on the friction surface. Is this a normal time frame or a bit premature?
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    Missing coolant

    OK all, I have not had to come to the forum in some time asking for help, so here it is: I have been forced to add to the coolant reservoir rather frequently the last several months. We got our Odyssey up and running and have been using it more b/c the Mazda's pitiful A/C + black interior +...
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    Brake Master Cylinder??

    Went on a drive and everything was OK except on the return leg, got stuck behind a 'Burb that refused to acknowledge the gas pedal, then got into thick construction, and went from 25 mph for miles to 10-15 mph. As I ditched a left into a shopping center to escape, I hit the brakes to go over a...
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    The sweet smell of leaking coolant

    My 06 only has 79K on it, so even though its been around for 10 years, its been driven less than most. I discovered the smell of coolant tonight after coming back from the store. It was dark out, but my nose told me it was coming from right around the radiator cap, so I was wondering if anyone...
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    Bottom end? Need opinions

    So on Saturday, I changed out the trans mount. It was in 3 pieces. This is at just under 77K. The #3 passenger mount was done 20K ago. Now on Monday, I got a call from her that the engine had bucked like it does sometimes, but it was much harder and afterward the was hearing a noise. I have...
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    That kind of morning: sliding door problem

    Left sliding door won't shut all the way as of this morning. Used it fine yesterday. I thought it might be the little u-shaped lever thingy by the "no-step" sticker, but moving it has no effect. Got the back to latch by pushing it in, but the front didn't lock still. Any ideas??
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    Clear coat, or rather, not-so-clear coat

    The hood, tops of door pulls and roof on my Phantom Blue '06 have all had parts of the clear coat go white. On the pulls, the tops of the pulls look like they have been "powdered." The hood started looking like a sunburn peel, but then the clear coat started to just come off, leaving rough edges...