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    How to: SplitSecond AFC (SSAFC) Install, R4 Software Overview

    Hello all! While the APC-SplitSecond PSC1 Map Library thread exists and is great and full of information, I find that it's kind of a pain to read through 2500+ posts to pick out information especially for those just getting started. The forum is full of threads with information on the SSAFC and...
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    The DD MS3

    Hello all. New to ms3's but not new to Mazda's. Starting a thread to keep track of my 2008 ms3's maintenance, to do lists, and photos. Purchased the car yesterday and will be picking it up later today. Car looks to be kept in very good condition but as always, there's a little work to get it...
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    440cc injectors, oem P5 crossbars, MSP rear sway bar, LED headlights, H7 HID harness

    440cc injectors, LED headlights, H7 HID harness Had some time to finally take proper photos to post for sale. Help me offload these items! Prices include shipping to lower 48 states. No longer for sale - 440cc wrx injectors. Seals and o-rings have about 400 miles on them. SOLD - OEM Protege5...
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    OEM Passenger side Protege5 Headlight

    For sale is an OEM Passenger side Protege5 Headlight. I just cleaned it with the polish which I perform every 4-6 months to keep them clear. Comes with high and low beam bulbs. No broken tabs. $60 shipped.
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    B&M Short Shifter (used)

    SOLD!!! I purchased this used for about 100-120, I forget exactly how much. Selling for $90 shipped. Originally purchased for the daily but decided not wanting the notchy feel on the daily. I took the time to go to the hardware store to find new O rings for the blue part of the shifter (circled...
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    Protege5 Headlight Intake Project

    Thought I'd share this. After swapping out my P5 with sedan headlights, I had extra units laying around and decided to take on a project of building a headlight intake for my friend. Since this driver side lens is already busted, it was good to use for practice. Figure it'd be interesting to...
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    Kinugawa Turbo Exhaust Manifold - anyone heard of it?

    came across this manifold but never heard or read anything else about it. posting it for those that might like to try it out? it's fairly priced but i'm not sure if it's a direct stock replacement. http://shopping.kinugawaturbo.com/kinugawaturboexhaustmanifoldfordmvpmazda323fsfpt25flange.aspx
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    the p5nugget

    Hello. Starting a thread to keep track of maintenance, to do lists, and post photos. Picked up this P5 as a daily/backup car in November 2015 to replace a civic hatchback. Since I have a bunch of protege parts laying around, a p5 made sense. For now at least. The wife uses the p5 when her car is...
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    can't get fog lights to work

    Purchased a protege5 recently and it didnt come with fog lights. Noticed the harness is still under the front bumper (car got in a minor accident on the front left corner it seems) so I just need some fog lights and it should be plug and play right? nope. I installed the fog lights and went to...
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    Fresh Sweet Donuts Everywhere! (work log)

    opened my garage door and to my surprise... hmm donuts... hmm more donuts... *gasps* fresh sweet donuts everywhere on my FSDE! a forged gift from the signature cupid (lol2) block by signature sound
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    which axle for MSP?

    hey guys, need a driver side axle. bought one from rockauto but its causing my car to shake. jacked car up, turned wheel and saw the shaft area wobble a bit. i'd rather deal with a local store at this point than shipping it back and forth. ive read on different thread...
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    Do I have a bad wheel bearing? (video)

    I installed coilovers this weekend and noticed the sound even more. Before coilovers, i heard the sound driving straight and it gets louder when making right turns. Now with coilovers on, it's even louder. Guessing it's the pillowball mounts transferring more noise. It's coming from the front...
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    What tools do you keep in your car?

    i feel i lug around too many tools (complete tool kit) and its heavy and unnecessary. which tools do you feel are most necessary to have just in case something happens while you're on the road?
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    AWR 70 duro solid vs SU 68 duro solid motor mounts

    For those that run all for motor mounts of either brand, hows the vibrations in the cabin at idle and with the A/C on? If you've ran both before, which one did you prefer and why? I know they will both cause some type of vibes. Def not looking for 88 or 95 duro AWR's (boom01)
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    eye lids, front struts, triple gauge pod, trunk trim piece

    SOLD! eyelids: $35 shipped, $25 picked up front struts (oem off of an mp3): approx 80k miles, rather not ship these, $60 for both SOLD! triple gauge pod trunk trim piece (where your keyhole goes): $30 shipped, $20 picked up
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    megan lowering springs (REAR ONLY) fits 99-03 protege including protege5

    Megan lowering springs (REAR ONLY) Fits 99-03 protege including protege5 2" Drop $70 shipped to us only $50 if picked up
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    2001 protege seats from an ES - $50 picked up

    SOLD Seats for sale! They're in good shape and they don't stink :) They got no tears anywhere. These have the side airbags. $50 picked up please. I think the price is more than fair. Located in Virginia Beach, VA. Shoot me a PM if interested. Edit: the front seats work in a P5. The rear seats...
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    Fortune Auto Coilovers, Brand New Lowering Springs

    FORTUNE COILOVERS SOLD M2 LOWERING SPRINGS SOLD Also, my friend with a 1st gen protege bought some lowering springs and the seller sent him the wrong ones. He gave them to me to sell because they're for a 3rd gen and he has no use for them. Brand new M2 lowering springs for 1999-2003 Protege...
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    FS: 2003.5 stock exhaust and stock wing (titanium) from MSP

    now shipping only to lower 48 states: $130 shipped, $100 picked up - stock exhaust from an MSP SOLD - stock 03.5 MSP wing. it has a couple scratches from storage but most likely you will change the color :)
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    WTB: corksport polyurethane exhaust hangers.

    Always see them pop up, but none as of lately. I understand they come in a set of 4. PM me a price shipped