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    Have you weighed your CX-5?

    The published curb weight of the CX 5 is given at 3541 (FWD Models) to 3825 lbs (AWD GT-Reserve & Signature) on the Mazda website. I forget if curb weight is with a half tank or full tank of fuel. MotorTrend published the curb weights of 3694 lbs for an AWD GT and 3791 for an AWD Signature. Who...
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    HP of the Turbo on 91, vs 87 or 93?

    hal2, I don't know if the relationship between octane rating and horsepower is linear, but there is a 23 HP difference between 87 and 93 octane so that is close to 4 HP for every 1 increase in octane. So maybe 241-242 HP on 91 octane ? Certainly better than 227 HP and less prone to pinging if...
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    Turbo gas mileage on regular VS premium?

    I have ran nothing but top tier 91 octane in my CX 5 turbo. It will be a year old next week and I only have 5800 miles on it. I live in the mountains and want the extra performance of premium fuel, regardless of cost difference since I'm not consuming that much gas from commuting to work...
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    Question on the AWD system

    I can only give some seat of the pants opinions regarding the AWD performance of my CX 5 GT Reserve. First off, I wouldn't even consider AWD in the non-turbo model. The extra HP is most welcome. I live in the mountains and we get snow several times a year. I have the standard Toyo A36 all season...
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    Does smartphone USB port also charge phone?

    I have a couple of USB sticks plugged into the ports in the console under the armrest to supply music so have never tried the phone there. I have a Samsung Galaxy phone and bought one of the charger adapters that plugs into a cigarette lighter type 12V socket. I have charged the phone while...
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    Right Wrist pain from using the Infotainment knob

    A year ago at the end of this month when I bought my CX 5 I still had stitches in the palm of my hand from a recent carpal tunnel surgery. It took a couple of weeks until I could even do something as simple as twist the cap off of a water bottle. But I never experienced any pain or discomfort...
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    2019 turbo oil change warning

    I just shut the OLM feature off on my car. It isn't really monitoring anything about the oil condition, it is not sophisticated enough of a circuit to do that. I just change the oil every 4900-5100 miles according to the odometer and don't have the stupid warning coming up on my display and...
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    Oil filter - 2.5L Turbo

    It's too bad that we don't know if the ADB valve calibration of some aftermarket filters is the same as the Mazda OEM filters. Top of the line filters like the Mobil 1 or Fram Ultra are good enough to go up to 15,000 miles. I used the Fram Ultra on my Nissan 370Z with Redline synthetic oil and...
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    2022 CX-50?!

    I think there is a lot to be said for a normally aspirated 6 cylinder as opposed to turbocharging a small displacement 4 banger to "punch above its weight" (god I am sick of that phrase lately). As far as an obsession with a minimum of 300 hp figure, that just seems about right after driving a...
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    CX-5 Ceramic Coating Question

    I too used the Meguiars Hybrid Ceramicwax with good results. I applied it when the car was just a couple weeks old. Prep is important, you need to remove any previously applied wax and clay bar the surface. I applied two coats and then another the next time I washed it. My car is garaged and...
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    2022 CX-50?!

    A nice inline 6 with at least 300 HP and plenty of torque oombined with rear wheel drive as god intended in a standard model and AWD as an option would be a real winner.
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    Did Anyone Get A Tie Down Hook?

    I just have the standard Toyo all season tires that came on the car. I really wish that there were proper chains available for the CX 5. I watched my neighbor with a front wheel drive, but not an AWD SUV try to get up the street one morning after a light snowfall. No chains on his car, and he...
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    Did Anyone Get A Tie Down Hook?

    I called the dealer where I bought my CX 5. They said to stop by when the parts department was open and they would try and scrounge up a tie down hook for me. No thanks and I now live 100 miles from that dealer anyway. I had an Amazon gift card and ordered the KD53-50-EJ1B tow hook for around...
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    Did Anyone Get A Tie Down Hook?

    I was checking the tire pressure in my spare this morning and noticed that there is a cutout in the styrofoam panel forward of the spare for one of those eyelet type tie down hooks or tow hooks but the tool was missing. They are supposed to thread into the hole under the plastic covers on the...
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    CX-5 head on pole crash

    I agree,people are stupid. I haven't noticed any drivers (yet) wearing masks but see plenty of people out talking walks, jogging, riding bikes and doing activities where there is no other person within hundreds of yards. I guess they think the virus is like pollen in the air and they need to be...
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    Sirius XM issues on a 2019 CX5 GT

    I have had that problem several times with my 2019 CX 5. Never had it when starting the car after it had been sitting overnight for example, but each time it did was when out running errands, shut the car off for several minutes and then got back in and restarted the car. Sometimes the Sirius XM...
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    interior illumination

    The Homelink buttons not being illuminated doesn't bother me, I just reach up and do it by touch/muscle memory without even looking as I approach my driveway. I too am curious why there is not an indicator light showing when the fog lights are switched on. There is a headlight icon that...
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    How long does the 2017 original equipment battery remain trouble free?

    Since I retired last year my driving is curtailed substantially. I go into town about 3 times per week to pick up my mail and do a little grocery shopping. That is less than a 10 mile round trip. I try to do an Italian Tuneup about once a month when I get down from the mountains and onto the...
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    What's everybody paying for gas?

    I topped off my tank on Monday when I came down from the mountains to see if the large grocery stores had been restocked. 91 octane, the highest available here in CA was $3.79. It is $0.20 per gallon higher up in the village where I live. CA has the highest gas taxes in the country and nothing...
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    Touch Screen

    Thanks AvoidinDeer. I do have the manual downloaded to my desktop and the screen saver is a good idea for anyone who uses the touch screen function. What I have found is when in the NAV mode, if you click on the Hide Buttons icon you can use the command knob to then change the magnification on...