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    Looking For Touch Up Paint Match 25D Snowflake White Pearl

    I usually have great success with "Automotive Touchup Paint Pens" but not this time. I purchased this pen several months ago when I first got my 2018 CX-5. Later, when I contacted them, they said this should be the right color but as you can see, the spot fix is darker. The paint pen is...
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    A Very Comfortable Center Console Arm Rest

    Okay, before I get flamed let me defend myself..... I know this is not going to win any beauty contests. However, it is very comfortable and convenient. It can also be removed in seconds when not in use. I have no doubt that anyone desiring more comfort for their right arm in the CX-5...
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    Door Stop Covers

    Here are some little add-ons that virtually cost pennies each. Will they help you win awards at car shows? I seriously doubt it but you have to admit, you may be the only kid in your neighborhood who has these installed in your vehicle. Actually, they really do hide some unsightly looking...
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    Under the Hood Lighting

    I recently completed a little project for those times when I may be away from my garage and would like to have more lighting than just from a flash light. Also, this lighting allows both hands to be free without worrying about how to hold a portable light to shine in just the right place...
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    2018 GT Stainless Steel Interior Bling

    I don't like the way the interior "Piano Black" garnishes show the dust and scratche so easily. Also prefer a little brighter interior. The console pieces and the pieces on the doors are genuine stainless steel. I also have the back door pieces in Stainless Steel but didn't take any...
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    High Mount Break Light Flasher, Anyone?

    Oops, stupid me meant the other "Brake". Duhhhhhhhhh I haven't come across any info regarding the installation of a warning flasher for the High Mount Brake Light. Has anyone on this forum done it yet and if so, which one would you recommed? Thanks, David Paul
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    Need Advice, Power Wire through Firewall?

    I installed my DrawTite hitch yesterday and have almost all of the trailer wiring completed except.......................... Got to the interior firewall and cannot find a place to thread the power wire through to the battery. This is the 5th trailer wiring that I have installed over the years...
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    2017~2020 Hood Lift Struts Installed

    Because our CX-5 hoods are so heavy, I thought there was a definite purpose for these struts. They make the hood literally weightless when raising and keep the hood totally neutral when closing. I put these on my 2016 MX-5 GT about 2 years ago and knew they were worth every penny. The hood on...
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    2017~2020 Chrome Haters, Beware :)

    Finally received all of the chromed parts for my outside rear view mirrors and installed them today. IMHO, well worth the wait. But then, I love chrome. For those of you who prefer a brushed finish, these can be lightly sanded with a very fine grit, wet paper. I prefer the highly polished look.
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    2017~2020 Fill Up the Rear Bumper Exhaust Cut Outs with Stainless Steel

    A few weeks ago, someone on this forum submitted a picture of the rear of his CX-5 with larger than OEM, exhaust tips. Then, someone asked him for additional information. To my knowledge, none was forthcoming. I haven't been able to locate the original post. Perhaps someone else remembers...
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    2017~2020 LED Turn Signals Conversion

    All the pictures enclosed are the right side of the vehicle. This side took me about an hour as everything was hit and miss as far as placement of the resistor, attachment of wires, etc.... The left side took me about a half hour and was basically the same as the right side. I...
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    Back Up Light Removal 2018 CX-5?

    I can't find any info in the owners manual, or at least it alludes me, and have tried "searching" various sources to no avail. How does the lens come off? I would like to install LEDs. Any advice much appreciated. Thanks.
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    2017~2020 For 18 CX-5 Running Boards or Nerf Bars?

    I have done some searching on this forum to see if anyone has installed these that will not interfere with jacking points. I would want silver color showing with the doors closed. My wife has very short legs and has some difficulty egressing our new 2018 CX-5. She would like to have some...