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    With a Saddened Heart I regret to inform

    Hey guys i just wanted to say it is with a saddened heart i must say goodbye to you all cuz today i have sold my p5 :-( I want to thank all of u for your help throughout the past year in fixing the issues with her. i was sad to see her go but i couldnt keep 2 cars since i went to the dark...
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    MSP Water pipes oil cooler and oil feed line

    Had these sold and paid for but the buyer ran into money issues n needed a refund so i refunded him which now makes these up for grabs again.. what u get it 2 sets of water pipes so u will have a spare set an msp oil cooler and the oil feed line which had a hole when i got it so i put a barb...
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    MSP Water pipes oil cooler and oil feed line

    sold sold sold please close
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    Mpv Intermittent Wiper Switch

    For sale mpv wiper switch Sold [/URL][/IMG][/URL][/IMG] P5 Sunlight silver passenger door handle $20.00 shipped to lower 48 states [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG]
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    Msp ecu fmic & piping turbo manifold & more

    Complete turbo setup for sale or will part: Manifold $old Ecu $old t25/t28 turbo,wastegate & outlet pipe $sold J pipe $old Heat shield sold S pipe $old Msp Radiator $old Msp Cooling Fan Driver side $old MSP Wastegate $old BOV $old Fmic $old EVERYTHING IS SOLD MODS PLEASE CLOSE
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    Blew head gasket Do i fix it sell it or junk it?

    Well guys we have the zoom zoom boom club for the NA cars and now the pssst pssst psssssssss club for the turbo's and now i am wondering what i should do.. i saw oil fom the back of engine leaking and all coolant is gone the damn thing left me 40 miles from home on the highway on a really...
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    I think my Maf is screwed

    Hey guys i installed my FMic and new piping today and i accidently put the Maf on in reverse and drove it in boost.Needless to say it ran like shit no power and afr pegging 10 so then i flipped it to correct placement and just took the car for a ride and i hit wat feels like a fuel cut wall...
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    Wtb ssafc

    I just did a Fmic on my car and had no change on how it runs.. AFR's at 10 under boost along with surging and lack of boost power so i figure i need this SSAFC anyone got one for sale at a reasonable price?
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    random crap i encountered today while trying to install rear springs

    so today i decided to try and instal my rear Tien S techs i have had sitting around since i bought my p5. i ran into some issues and would like some feedback #1 the friggin rear sway bar links would not come off i sparayed them with pb blaster and it didnt help then finally i got the top one...
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    F.S. P5 Rear Cargo Cover, Ebay 4-1 Header, 1 Fog Light, MSP oil cooler & other stuff

    F.S. P5 Rear Cargo Cover, Ebay 4-1 Header, 1 Fog Light, MSP oil cooler & other stuff Wats sup M247 im getting rid of the parts i accumulated these past few months this is what i have prices are + shipping This is my first FS thread so if my prices are too high let me know 1 fog...
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    watch this video and hopefully u can tell mw whats wrong

    2002 Mazda Protege5 Msp Turbo kit noticeable Surging under boost since day i installed it and always making a loud constant whooooosh under acceleration like a cold air intake would. so i dont know if its a boost leak or its the intake and the turkey i cant tell if its the bov sound or...
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    2 questions in 1 thread....Fog light and rear seat belts

    ok Guys i feel stupid asking this but here goes.. i dont understand my rear seat belts. on the DS there is 1 that comes from the hatch WTH is that? and i thought the p5 was a 5 passenger? cuz that 1 from the back has 2 male lockers on it and the rear seat seat belt thingys I have 2 with the red...
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    Tow hooks on p5

    Has anybody ever installed tow hooks on there P 5? I pretty much have my mind made up that I want to install a set cuz our cars are old and hav broken down a few times before so i want them but I do not kno where to install them . I don't want to cut my bumper so has so has anybody installed...
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    ac issues

    Ok guys got another one for ya.. The night i installed the msp turbo kit on my car i went to go for a test ride and backing out the driveway a big cloud of smoke and freon came from under the hood so when i cheked it out i saw all the uv oil where the radiator rubber sits and figured i blew...
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    big motormount problem

    this car is costing me alot of money.. i have a problem with the rear engine mount. its not connected to the transmission because the IDIOT po some how managed to break 2 of the 3 bolts off flush in the tranny and break the ear off the 3rd one so i have no way of mounting the motor mount.. i...
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    no boost after car warms up?

    Ok guys been chasing this for a couple weeks now. Sice turboing the car i have not really felt the zoom zoom. Had boost leaks i been finding.last night was the first time i felt any real boost n it made me smile but this morning going to work no boost. Leaving work this afternoon i had boost...
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    0 psi oil pressure when warm

    weird thing going on before i turboed my car a few days ago oils pressure was 85-90 psi cold around 22-25 psi warm and around 12-13 psi fully warm now after the turbo install i get 85-90 cold 22-25 warm and 0-1 psi fully warm at about 700 rpm only thing i did was add the turbo kit and...
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    Arrrgh the turbo instal from helllllllll

    Finally got around to start installing the turbo kit i bought from another member on here and what a nightmare. the windage tray took 6 hours to install then i noticed the callaway manifold has 3 cracks where the o2 goes in and 1 crack down the middle. i was told it was a bolt n go setup with...
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    rx8 braked

    Does anybody know if the Rx 8 rear rotors and calipers fit the Protege 5?
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    Wtb msp ac condenser

    As the title says i am looking for a msp ac condenser working with no leaks let me know what u have Thanks